Lunar Love

Hi everyone, it's Rachel here with some musings on the moon which I hope you all enjoy. The moon affects the tides, crop cycles and the behaviour of many loving organisms on the planet, so why would humans be any exception? By understanding the phases and influence of the moon throughout its cycle in the year we may better understand cosmic forces affecting us in day-to-day life. Just as our bodies are influenced from the internal (the food we ingest, the liquids we drink) so are we affected by the external influences on our planet and the frequencies of the solar system.

As many of you know - the moon was once part of the earth, separated by a mars sized asteroid resulting in an enormous cosmic collision. This occurred some 30 million years after the creation of our planet. As a result, the evolution of the earth and it’s inhabitants have been strongly influenced by the lunar cycle. Mankind’s fascination with the moon has resulted in it being featured in art from cave painting to high end New York galleries. Alongside artistic representation there has also been the race to get to the moon; resulting in our perspective on the earth within the solar system being changed forever and brought to the forefront of debate. When the iconic image of earth from the moon’s surface was released globally it began a giant quest of our significance among the stars and also our individual place on this planet. It has been a source of inspiration for many and I believe we can grow to understand its influences upon us and learn to work with them.

My quest for information on aligning oneself with the moon cycle began recently after a deep meditation on cyclical anger. For anyone who knows me, when I have bad days, my fuse can be short and I can react to myself with fierce aggression. I have noticed that this pattern within myself only comes about when there is an imbalance of my yin/yang energies. Many people are familiar with the concept of yin/yang, masculine/feminine, hot/cold, aggressive/compassionate etc. One cannot exist without the other, and it is paramount to strive for balance of the two. I began to notice my ego/yang energy becoming more dominant when I was stressed, resulting in an easily agitated state, where I felt like a victim of my emotions and of others actions. (I would like to say that I am on my journey to understanding the emotional patterns within myself; however, I am no way perfect or even close to attaining to knowledge and understanding of myself that I would like. This takes time and luckily for me, I’m working on my patience.) This thought brought me to consider the phrase “hurt people, hurt people” and the cycle of anger that many, including myself, have fallen victim to. I wondered if like the seasons; we are all affected positively or negatively by the cycle of the moon? Does this great cosmic influence have the power to alter our thoughts or even potentially heighten our emotions? And so I investigated.

Scientific research shows the frequencies of the moon have the ability to alter the thoughts in our subconscious mind, and also our conscious mind, meaning it can affect our emotions on a large scale. These effects can be different, depending on the different cycle of the month. For example, tensions and emotions can be heightened around a new moon when negative frequencies dominate from the “dark side” of the moon. It is a time for overactive introspection and reflective tendencies. Where as energies surrounding a full moon can be more intense and more energizing on our physical form. They are from the light side of the moon and are not as negative or distressing as those from a new moon. It has also been noted that as the energies of a new moon are psychological, there is no physical evidence of its affects and so it can be more dangerous to our wellbeing, as one is not alerted to it’s modification of our psyche.

Understanding the cycle of the moon can result in knowledge powerful enough to change your perception of yourself. It may even just help you understand why on certain days you have no energy, feel like you could curl up into a ball and hide under the covers, why you keep thinking the same negative thought patterns over again, worrying about things you normally would not or even why you might wake up itching to burst forth and start the day. With this power, hopefully, you will feel less pushed around by the external and the confidence your internal power will increase.

With love,