Aligning with Autumn

Autumn’s rhythm embodies completion; a peaceful reflection on one’s efforts and hard work during the warmer months. As the days draw shorter, the body prepares itself for the cold and the soul prepares to enter into the yin cycle. The cooler months embody a softer and more feminine energy; by utilising this, one may find they can evaluate the positive and negative parts of themselves and their lives calmly. With a loving and open heart they release that which does not attract positivity or prosperity to their journey, forgiving themselves in the process. Autumn’s rhythm inspires an unshakeable faith that the old ways dying off only makes way for the new. It is also about seeking truth, truth in the external and the internal. Over analysis of one’s meaning in life can occur, so it is essential to keep a strong mind alongside an open heart. This blend of essential oils is to aid in aligning you to the sacred energies of Autumn. The blend will strengthen you holistically in preparation for the mentally strenuous elements of the season to allow a smooth transition filled with positivity and self love.
According to Chinese Medicine, Autumn is governed by the Metal element, pertaining to the Lungs and Large Intestine. This can mean that the Metal/Air signs may become particularly weakened or thrown off balance during this Season. The lungs will easily become susceptible to colds/flu if they are weakened, just as the large intestine may have difficulty evacuating if you resist the one of Autumn's central themes, letting go. Therefore it is important to cover up (especially from wind), even if you aren't particularly bothered by the slight change in temperature. To strengthen the lungs; take long walks outside, cover up where necessary, and do more breathing exercises (Pranayama is one of our favourites).
As Autumn is a time of transition, it is important to work with the theme unfolding all around you. Look towards the sun to notice shorter days, and to the trees around you to see them change colour. Energy is starting to be conserved. Therefore, look to Autumn as your own time for quiet reflection, winding down, and finishing off projects. 
Letting go is a common theme in Autumn, especially for those who admire the warm Sun and longer days with friends and loved ones. Be sure to accept the transition of the season in your heart and your mind. 
To assist you with letting go and transitioning, be sure to meditate, and cultivate acceptance and trust in how your life is unfolding. Exercises like Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and once again my favourite (Pranayama), can help you cultivate more spiritual energy and awareness, giving you a greater understanding of the bigger picture.
Autumn is governed by Wind/Vata/Metal, and as like increases like, this can cause your Vata Dosha to become unbalanced.
  • Dehydration and dryness can be avoided by drinking lots of water and eating nourishing, juicy and fatty foods!
  • Avoid overeating of cold/raw foods, especially if you have weak digestion, have a overactive Vata Dosha, or "cold" element at play within your system
  • Start whipping out your warm-soup recipes and enjoy as much warm tea as possible
  • Over-thinking and over-processing can cause one to "burn-out" and become spacey, disoriented, decreasing focus and motivation, so be sure to let go of mental-patterns that aren't serving you by recognising them and becoming aware of them (this is all you need to do in order to dissolve them, meditation can help with this).
  • Caffiene may cause an over-dominant Vata Dosha to become even more erratic, so watch your intake and become aware of wether it affects you for better or worse
  • Routine and organisation can really help to balance the Vata Dosha, so try and establish a firm routine of wake, exercise, meditation, self-care and work
  • Get Plenty of sleep


Eating in alignment with the season of Autumn will assure you digest food with minimal effort, allowing your body to reap the benefits of that excess energy. Eating food that grows in the season will incorporate best into your digestive and energy system.
In Brisbane these foods include: apples, bananas, kiwi fruit, lemons, grapes, nectarines, watermelon, pears, persimmons, plums, grapefruit, avocado, cauliflower, sweet corn, beetroot, cucumber, spinach, broccoli, eggplant, mushrooms, carrot, lettuce, zucchini, cabbage and leeks
Getting to the good part...
Smell them, drop them into your bath, or, (our personal favourite), wear them around your neck and enjoy their help all day!

Atlas Cedarwood
The vibrations of Cedarwood promote balance, rebirth, regeneration and regrowth. Taking the old and transforming it into the new. This oil will aid you in letting go of negative emotions, thought patterns and external actions that you have come to realise have been blocking your truth and your path here on earth. Allow Atlas Cedarwood to heal you and support you on your journey.


Roman Chamomile

Energetically, this oil will attract peaceful and harmonising vibrations to your aura. As it resonates with the throat chakra, it can aid in individuals wishing to express their highest spiritual truth. As the season of autumn embodies the search for truth, so too should there be support in expressing this externally when necessary. Roman Chamomile is an essential oil which is beneficial for the throat chakra and allows you to communicate your truth with ease and without fear. The throat chakra is blocked by untruth, so being intimate and truthful with yourself is paramount to emotional health. Physically, the gland associated with the throat chakra is the Thymus, which controls immune function, as the days draw colder and darker it is essential for this gland to be in balance for your body to fight off not only spiritual, but physical illness.



Known as the symbol for remembrance, rosemary will strengthen the memory and fortify the mind. As mental reflection is a large theme of the season of autumn, it is essential to include oils that will aid in assisting the mind with its heavy workload. Rosemary is believed to inhibit mental fogginess and allow for clear thought. The herb has been used throughout history as a purifier and protector against infection, making it a perfect herb for protection in autumn, aiding your body in the transition to cooler weather. Davis suggests “Rosemary oil is associated with clear thought and is helpful wherever there is a need for clarity.”


An enticing and spicy scent that encourages communication and connection between the human spirit and the universe. Its vibrations attract balance, trust and inner peace. It aids us in calling on the wisdom of generations past and magically attracts protective vibrations to your aura to allow healing. Traditionally used at funerals and burial sites, Cypress has long been associated with letting go and so fits in with autumns rhythm of transition, change and reflection. . Davis suggests “Cypress oil is helpful at times of transition such as career changes, moving home…or painful transitions such as bereavement or ending of close relationships.” Allow the soft energies of Cypress to support you on your journey. Cold types will especially benefit from having cypress in this blend to help them let go of the longer, light and heat-filled days.

 Black Pepper

The energy of Black Pepper oil is warming and aids in dispelling cold from the body. As the seasons change to a more tepid climate, it will aid in protecting your body from illness. It is known to aid in clear thought, strengthening for the mind and will be helpful for the mental processing of emotions that accompany the rhythm of autumn. It has been said to aid in connecting people back into their sacred path, when from fear they have neglected their truth and spirituality for some time. Internally, it attracts fearlessness and motivates us to move forward with the knowledge that we will always be protected by the divine. Allow Black Pepper to inspire you to seek your truth and protect you on your journey to find it.


The vibrations of Frankincense can offer you inspiration and introspection. The oil has been used throughout history to protect the soul from negative external forces. If you are a sensitive, or an empath, Frankincense will help to move and clear energies that may be causing you harm or fatigue. During autumn, a time of contemplation, it is not uncommon to feel overwhelmed or even melancholy, utilizing the protective aspect of Frankincense in this blend will guard your aura against attack during this process; allowing you to release stagnant energies with ease. Mojay suggests Frankincense will aid in meditation where the topic is to “cut ties with the past, especially where these may block personal growth.”

If you'd like to watch us chatting about this season, check out our youtube video below xx

Enjoy the fall,