I have now presented myself with the particularly repetitive task of writing another blog post about meditation. Yet, the total view, or picture of how meditation affects us would not be as rich if I did not add my contribution. So instead of making this blog post another classic bulleted list about all the benefits of meditation, I would like to discuss my personal experience with meditation, including the benefits and the possible detrimental effects for different personalities.

 First of all, let’s discuss why I take the time out of my day to meditate, and it will take some discussion on the goals I have for my life experience.

My goal in this lifetime is to become as fundamentally aware of the true nature of myself as I can, or self-actualize. I don’t want to acquire this intelligence from a mental place, or an emotional place, but yet an inner one. I want to unfold my life purpose just like a flower or animal innately knows how to, and I want to be able to trust that this unfolding is coming from a genuine and non-distorted place. I call this getting in touch with fundamental consciousness, and I believe it is the most beneficial state our species can strive for in this time of what seems to be, impending doom.

Our essence can be distorted by a number of things, including, thoughts, emotions, beliefs and desires. Since we live in a world where we are bombarded with different beliefs, mental patterns, emotions and goals, it is hard to know where to turn on the path of genuine self-discovery, or what will truly lead us there. When born into a materialistic world, passion and desire may swirl in our bellies. Generally, people around us may perceive this passion to be in our best interest. In this society we reward working hard to achieve wealth, fame and fortune.  Therefore there is the danger of blindly following that distorted desires, which really have nothing to do with our own input, rather than that of societies. Not everything we want and desire truly leads us to what is optimal for us as individuals, and unfortunately, not all of us are gifted with the awareness to be able to tell the difference. We see this happening around us every day in the form of relationships and poor choices. Due distorted feelings, beliefs or desires, people will spend time and form toxic relationships with individuals that suck the soul right out of them. Or due to a lack of fundamental understanding of themselves and who they really are, they end up in relationships based on false ideals and beliefs, dreaded to fall apart if they ever grow and mature into the beings they really are.

So, I just touched upon the key-word there, awareness. Awareness is the most important thing we can uncover in ourselves. With awareness of knowledge, one can not only learn, but understand what it is best to learn. With awareness one can develop relationships with those that will propel us in the right direction, rather than slow us down or hinder us. With awareness, one can speak from a place of truth and experience for the benefit of everyone around them. With awareness one can change their entire life-experience.

Awareness is a pure and seamless state. A state where we are not affected by judgment, criticism, emotions, manipulation, unbecoming desires, hatred and guilt. Awareness simply is the seamless and perfect state we all have access to underneath. It is the state of consciousness which is unfolding all around us. Although we can observe that we have somehow lost touch with this consciousness, if we look to nature and the animal kingdom, we can see that it still permeates all around us. We may be in some grand mistake that lead to us losing touch with our own unique and fundamental consciousness, however, the animal and plant kingdom have not lost touch with this. Look to nature for inspiration on achieving your true nature. All you have to do is open your eyes to the beauty, uniqueness and symbiosis that is possible for all of us to aid in self-motivation to self-actualize.

So, if awareness is the key to so many of our own personal issues, as well as universal ones, one would think that a practice uncovering this natural and innate aspect of our being would be an important life task? From this practise is where potentially all things would naturally fall into place. 

This is where meditation comes in.

Meditation is the portal through which I watch my thoughts on the tv-screen of my mind, allowing my inner-intelligence to dissolve and soothe influences and programs that are not conducive to my life task of self-actualization. The goal here is not to do, control, or suppress anything, the goal is to accept, allow, and observe. Through this, awareness is uncovered, and this is all I need to unfold day by day to allow my deepest aspects to lead me in the right direction.

However, meditation is not the only way to uncover awareness, and in some cases, meditation can actually be ungrounding! Another great way to meditate is to do so without removing yourself from this reality but immersing yourself in it! This includes walking in nature, bathing in the ocean or enjoying a beautiful natural landscape. Walking while observing your surroundings, and paying, as much attention as you can to fine details in your environment is a sure-fire way to optimize your awareness, while grounding you and connecting you with this reality as well.

If I am feeling lazy, unmotivated, tired, stressed or particularly drawn to unbeneficial activities such as binge tv watching, Facebook or phone checking, practicing a grounded and practical technique of gaining awareness through walking in nature is my go-to. Meditation involves shutting out the world in order to uncover your truth, when sometimes the best option for uncovering ourselves is through interacting with undistorted consciousness around us in nature.

Happy healing to all of you,