The Zodiac

If there is one interest I can trace back to my childhood (apart from singing) it would be my fascination with 'The Zodiac' and astrology. My mother used to own books upon shelves of astrology information, from the science of the planets, down to the western meets eastern fusion of Zodiac signs. I started reading and learning about astrology from the age of six, and my unusual interest made me the brunt of many strange looks from the mothers of my friends whom I often 'typefied'. My mother implored me not to be so open and forthcoming with information about each person's sign and character traits, but I never really cared what other people thought of me (especially in my younger years). I used to tell my teachers, friends and authorities all about their good, and possibly "negative aspects", and was often spoken about by others as a "strange" and "eccentric" young girl. Well I am a Capricorn/Aquarian cuspie, so can you blame me? My Capricorn aspect was probably what had me being so practical, down to earth and powerful in my explanations of the Zodiac to others. People did often listen to what I had to say, usually intrigued about how accurate I could be, even if they found it a strange topic to know so much about.

By the time I was in high school, my intuition about people and their Zodiac signs expanded. I no longer had to ask one's birthday to tell them their sign. After a few conversations, I would just guess them. Eventually I had all the girls and teachers from my grade approaching me to test my skill and accurately guess their Zodiac sign. I was only ever wrong once or twice, and every time I was wrong, I had accurately guessed a different sign from the element group to which they belonged, earth/air/water or fire.

When I met Rachel a few years ago, I wasn't the first person to have had introduced her to Astrology, but I was certainly the first to explain it with such precision and wording that her inner-intelligence lit up in reaction to what she felt in her heart was "truth". She picked it up like a natural (we might say that this was indicative of having innate intelligence from previous work in Astrology, perhaps in a previous lifetime) ;). Rachel to this day, is now better than me at picking up the dominant element or Zodiac sign within people, so having her with me is a direct balance to my own knowledge and understanding.

Through the years, I have slowly (without trying), refined my understanding around not only Western but Eastern Zodiac signs as well. My spiritual path has taken me through a multitude of healing disciplines and fancy meditation techniques. Through this long and hard journey, I have come to my own unique understanding of what The Zodiac is, how it may limit us, how we can make use of our positive traits while balancing our negative ones, but most importantly, an awareness that your "Zodiac" sign is merely programming, an Archetype that you are born into which you have full power to dissolve into your true essence.

Before I delve into a quick overview on how Rachel and I perceive your incarnation in a particular Zodiac sign, let me talk first about the truth of what you "really" are, so you can first and foremost, understand how you are so much more than your "Zodiac" sign. This will give you power and awareness, which will prevent you from locking yourself in to the programming or limiting your capabilities.

Underneath your thoughts, mental perceptions, emotions, language and physical body, you are only one part of something that makes up the "whole". You have an essence within, an untapped reserve of energy, limitless possibilities and power beyond belief. Some people say this is your "source", some call it your heart-energy, the bio-field, magnetic field, source creative energy, and god realisation among other things. I call this your deepest aspects. When you are first placed in a physical body, or a "new soul", this is technically the closest you can get to the purity, intelligence, all knowing and awareness of your true nature. So do I think a new soul is wiser than a old soul, yes, in regards to awareness and clarity, but not so much at excelling at "life" in the way many soul programmed people are great at. Due to the nature and glitch in consciousness at the moment, souls tend to go through multiple incarnations that take them further away from realising their true nature, rather than closer to it. That is why we do not see any enlightened beings walking around, and why the world is in the state it is today. The nature of this glitch is called "soul-programming", as you are born into a highly unaware world with limiting beliefs and patterns, we don't learn the tools to properly unfold our truth nature, and this innate intelligence gets covered up. New souls (which are closest to this enlightenment) instead get bombarded with a whole wave of junk, limitations, and distorted programming.

Seeing your "Zodiac" sign as another form of this programming can truly help to free your soul. Instead of feeling trapped by the negative aspects and soul lessons, you can become aware of how to dissolve the programming that may be holding you back. Below is a quick look at what your Zodiac sign is characterised by, what energies it is ruled by, and what typical life path and evolution you will undergo.


 The Zodiac consists of 12 different signs, starting at Aries and finishing with Pisces. The theory is that each progressive sign is a level up in age period (maturity), evolution and consciousness. This does not necessarily mean that if you are born as an Aries, you are less evolved than your Pisces friend, it simply means you are currently born under an incarnation that deals with learning different lessons and going through a different kind of maturity. If you are an Aries, it does not mean you have never been a Pisces before. I am not able to tell you if there is any real "set" pattern about how we "incarnate", or, if there is any rhyme or reasoning to the "programming", but I can tell you the common themes demonstrated for those being born under each sign.

So to finish up lets take a look at some of that basic information now...


Orientation: Personal
Consciousness and Energies: Fiery, direct and uncomplicated
Age Period: 1-7 years old (spontaneous, frank and open, yet self-centred and willfull)
Their evolution entails: Developmental steps in understanding through gaining language, perception, socialisation and other survival instincts.


Orientation: Mostly personal, some familial

Consciousness and energies: Fixed, earthy and practical

Age Period: 7-14 (controlling their environment, material possessions)

Their evolution entails: Learning that one is not always the centre of attention, responsibility of possessions, taking care of their things and their surroundings, sharing and trading


Orientation: Personal

Consciousness and energies: Airy, expansive and changeable

Age Period: 14-21 (Adolescent striving to reach adulthood, integration with society, but independence from parents)

Their evolution entails: The value of freedom, expanding intelligence and knowledge, experiencing life to the fullest


Orientation: Familial and Personal

Consciousness and energies: Protective, empathetic and sensitive

Age Period: 21-28 (Maturing human being, settling down and finding time for introspection)

Their evolution entails: Refining of emotional experience, seeking to establish home and career and family, protective instincts


Orientation: Familial and Societal

Consciousness and energies: Fixed, steadfast, straightforward

Age Period: 28-35 (Adult bearing their personality on the world)

Their evolution entails Control of fiery energies, ambition, power, self-confidence, battling with forces of injustice


Orientation: Societal and Familial

Consciousness and energies: Service-oriented, discriminating and analytical

Age Period: 35-42 (Adult meeting and solving important problems, mid-life crisis)

Their evolution entails: Problem-solving, providing structure to life, service to society, morals and ethics


Orientation: Societal

Consciousness and energies: Gracious, social and diplomatic

Age Period: 35-42 (Mature human being taking their place in the world)

Their evolution entails: balancing, redefining social roles, discovering one's place and how they relate to others, fairness and justice


Orientation: Familial, and Societal

Consciousness and energies: Fixed, powerful, controlling

Age Period: 49-56 (Achieving full power in one's later years)

Their evolution entails: becoming a dominant force in family or workplace, reaching a height in achievement, rebirth, death and regeneration, vulnerability


Orientation:  Universal and Personal

Consciousness and energies: Philosophical, changeable and fiery

Age Period: 56-63 (Moving aware from family and career to devote themselves to personal or universal concerns)

Their evolution entails: expansiveness, optimism, teaching, seeing the whole picture, ethical principles


Orientation: Universal, Societal and Personal

Consciousness and energies: Aspiring, pragmatic, and earthy

Age Period: 63-70 (Need for an adult to have security, and support)

Their evolution entails: responsibility, maturity of outlook, finding out ones relation to the universe, economy, aspirations, power, assertiveness, limitations


Orientation: Universal

Consciousness and energies: Airy, detached and eccentric

Age Period: 70-77 (Detaching from earthy life with a wise and child-like knowing)

Their evolution entails: advanced thought, the infinite, acceptance of all points of view, eternal wisdom, direction, extrasensory powers, extraordinary ideas and visions for humankind


Orientation: Universal

Consciousness and energies: Watery, diffuse and otherworldly

Age Period: 77-84 (Letting go of earth and merging with the universe)

Their evolution entails: expansion, lessons in fellowship, service, healing, deeply delving into the subconscious, suffering, abstract ideas


Having this understanding of the Zodiac can paint a bigger picture for you in regards to the path and traits you may be programmed with. Awareness of this programming brings you more freedom, understanding and personal power to change your life for the better.

To make sure you are connecting with your inner-intelligence, rather than some "soul programming" there are a couple more things to keep in mind.

  • Meditation: This works by ultimately dissolving mental and emotional patterns that obscure your deepest aspects. When you allow your thoughts to wash over you, you become aware of them, you "see" them, yet you do not attach to them. This cultivates your view as the "watcher", the one who perceives everything arising in your mind space as "you".
  • There are crystals and essential oils that work to connect you to your deepest aspects. We just released the Zodiac Collection here
  • Eat well, cleanly, minimizing your contact with toxins. This blurs your inner-intelligence.
  • Get out in nature, plants and animals are still connected to their inner-intelligence. If we go out to observe nature and animals, we observe consciousness itself, the very consciousness and intelligence that is within us, trying to unfold