As Worn By // Collection of magical men and women that wear CLARIFIED

I'm sure you have heard of the therapeutic value of essential oils before. Perhaps you have even dabbled in Aromatherapy yourself by dropping your favourite essential oils into your diffuser. If you love coming home, or waking up to your diffuser, why not carry around your own personal dispenser of good vibrations around for the day? Rise and release. We love seeing all of our unique customers adorning themselves with our little potion bottles. Love Francesca and Rachel xx

Isaac Ryan


Aprille Smith


Matthew Peacock


Amy Nosenzo

Kylie Baxter

Rosie Spears


Fabienne Costa // Creative Director @


Rachel Peel @ Francesca Costa // Co Creative Directors @clarifieddesigns



Ron Peel


Amelie Druce


Dale Peacock


Sue Peel

Mirrian Ebner


Francesca Costa Co-Creative Director