Essential Oils and Your Energetic Body


If you find you suffer from chronic illnesses or recurring health problems,

essential oils may indeed be a non-invasive answer to your prayers!


Essential oils, on an emotional level, help bring to the surface suppressed

feelings of anger, jealousy, fear and resentment, which can often end up

expressing themselves as physical ailments. In Donna Eden’s book Energy

Medicine, this topic is touched on.


Eden has treated many people’s energetic disturbances in their bodies and

states on many occasions that clients who experience reoccurring throat

infections and colds often have experienced an inability to express their

truth, either to themselves, or others at the time of the onset of the illness.


The organ connected to the throat chakra, is the thymus gland. It resides

at the base of the neck and greatly affects the immune system if not in

balance. As the immune system is an integral part of sustaining

homeostasis in the body, keeping it healthy and balanced is essential.

Not speaking your truth, will result in emotions and feelings that aid in

blocking your throat chakra . If you feel you are unable to express your

truth, it may well be caused by this very disturbance of subtle energy.

Becoming aware of the subtle energies within your body will only aid in

preventing these energetic disturbances from manifesting physically.


Meditating and placing your hands on areas of your body where there are

issues may indeed help to ease symptoms, while also bringing you into

alignment with your inner intelligence. By using meditation in this way you

may also find you have the time to understand your own truth and better

communicate it to yourself and others.


At Clarified we intuitively design bespoke blends for our customers. These

blends are perfect to meditate with as they will help unblock energetic

disturbances in your body leading to a happier and more balanced

emotional psyche.