We are A Vegan Brand

My sister recently rescued lovely INARA here, a racing greyhound who didn't have a good start to her life
First of all, I would like to start by saying that this post, and my views on my journey towards Veganism may not be "good-enough" for some people out there. However, no matter what criticism, beliefs or thought-patterns other's may have towards my journey (which I have no opinion of being wrong or right), I would rather humbly announce that I am not yet a pure soul of undistorted consciousness and awareness, all I have is my truth, and that truth I will share with you now.
Vegetarianism is a concept that first became real for me in the year of 2010 when my sister (who is completely vegan by the way), Creative Director of YCL JEWELS, first introduced me to a horrific video that opened by eyes to the unnecessary pain and torment that animals go through in slaughterhouses. It didn't take much to convince me. I never really liked meat all that much anyway, and had never been an excessive eater of it. My mother actually used to have to convince me to finish my steak at the dinner table when I was younger, (haven't we all been here?). I instantly became a vegetarian upon seeing this video, and stayed that way for most of 2010/2011. However, this is not a blog post about my "perfection" or my unwavering dedication to "vegetarianism", this is a genuine story about my own progression towards a VEGAN lifestyle, one that involves listening to myself, and my body, while removing as many unnecessary lifestyle choices as I can.
For most of 2012, I was back on the meat wagon again. Why? What happened? Did I get sick? Actually, the answer is no to all of those, and it's still unclear to me what really went down, but it mostly had to do with self-esteem, lack of drive, motivation and loss of passion. 2012 was a hard year for me , but it was only my unbalanced mental patterns and beliefs of what I should be that really made it seem so difficult. I felt lost, confused, utterly disappointed in my inability to lead a more spiritual life in the physical and material world around me, I was also slightly bitter and resentful at myself for not knowing who I was or what I wanted (yep, I was pretty hard on myself). Eating meat just came along with "being easy". My family ate it, I could easily get the amount of energy that I needed, and I just didn't have a passion or a drive for the cause anymore, (I didn't have a passion or a drive for myself).
My sister's greyhound Atlas. He was rescued as a puppy, about to be drowned
Since then, my journey has continued, steadily. Spiritual guides came into my life (in physical form) who helped lead the way to the path that was unfolding for me, and helped me release unbalanced emotions and thoughts in regards to what was in store for me. This mostly included letting go of "fancy" spiritual techniques, and adopting approaches such as meditation and breathing exercises to allow my inner-intelligence to unfold from within. I have learnt more about myself, but this only happened through "surrendering" and forgetting the expectations I had previously placed on myself.
Sometimes when you stop "visualising" what you think you should want from a mental place (which may not be aligned with your inner-intelligence and what it needs, or what is best for you), the universe will give you something you never dreamt possible. This is peace, awareness, knowing, intuition and self-recognition of the being you are within.
When I started letting go of the stress this society was causing me, I started to gain more clarity on what was the best way to discover myself. I used to feel so wound-up, tense and angry with the way our society is depleting this earth. This anger rendered me unable to do anything but mope around and point my finger. My journey has taught me to let go of concepts of "right" and "wrong" which are subjective to each and every unique individual. I now desire to move into the endless presence of "now", and with this loss of my old-constructed self, I began to see things differently, and act differently as well.
Me with my little babe Susu
The choices I now make are becoming more productive and aligned with something bigger than me, that includes my food choices. Since last year, my body has started choosing what to eat for me. One drastic change was completely giving up on dairy from inner intuition, warnings and signs (like feeling sick or phlegmy after consuming it).  The amount of animal product I am consuming is slowly dwindling. I now only feel the need to eat a piece of fish, or some eggs here and there, and this is the extent of animal product in my diet.
Universal consciousness has our backs on this! Eventually, I am sure we will all be ready to be Vegan, and I completely trust in consciousness to upgrade our beings, integrating them with more spiritual "life-force" or "prana", rendering eating one day obsolete!  My journey has taught me one thing, that as I progress, the amount of animal product I eat will naturally decrease with it. This isn't something I have to fight, or strive for, this is something that is happening naturally as I progress, and with it comes a deeper peace and compassion for all life on earth. Rachel and I have slowly been walking the path of veganism together, allowing our inner intelligence to guide us in cutting out the emotions, mind-state and feelings that lead to feeling the need to consume meat. This time, when my inner-intelligence leads me to veganism, I know I will stay vegan, as my body will have completely shed the need for energy in that "form", and I will be the vessel for nothing but life.
And this story now brings us to Clarified, and our visions for the business, which is why we make a conscious choice every day to align our business with the progression of consciousness on this earth. We choose to have a business based on balance, harmony and kindness. This is why we are Vegan. There is nothing greater than knowing the healing bottles of love we create for our valued alchemists have harmed no-thing or no-one in their creation. This is not only important to us due to ethics, but sustainability as well. We want to nurture the humans on this planet so they can continue to nurture the earth back. When you purchase a Sacred Alchemy blend, you can rest assured of the loving ethos and principles your blend is built with.
I do hope you have enjoyed this read, and we are so grateful for all your support, love and well-wishes on our journey. We wish you all the best! And stay tuned for our progression and development, may we all hold fast to our path.