Insight into Cancer

We are coming into the cold and winter month of July here in Australia, and it's a time we know to rug up, drink soup, and cuddle in bed. However, the month of July also belongs to the Zodiac sign of Cancer, and to celebrate all the Cancerians born in this time, we have written some information to give you insight into this zodiac sign.

Cancer is the 4th Zodiac sign and first water sign symbolizing feelings, compassion and nesting. Cancer represents connection with the lunar tides, feminine polarity and internal rhythms. This water-sign characterizes the age period of 21-28, incarnating for the joy of home, family and career. Pivotal stages in the evolution of their consciousness will include; acquiring an understanding of life in a safe home base, with their family. Their evolution comes through nurturing and refining emotional experiences, as having your own children will bring out protective instincts. Although they are nurturing, Cancerians are not passive, as this stage of their life includes strong desires to get what they want in home, family and career. The Water/Kapha element thrives on others accepting and understanding their sensitive needs and assorted moods. In the stage of a young adult, emphasis can be placed on a strong bond of empathy with other human beings. Cancerians evolve their consciousness through deep friendships, trust, and support. This 4th member of the zodiac can be seen as evolving Gemini’s airy, communicative and changeable consciousness into Leo’s static, committed and forthright energy.

Cancerians are ruled by the moon, which puts them in tune with the lunar tides, and their own internal rhythms. The moon is associated with emotions, so beautiful Cancer’s often get a rap for being the moodiest in the Zodiac. However, they are deeply in touch with the unconscious, dreams, emotions and the universe of feelings. They symbolise the deep world in just a single being, and have the potential to be creative beyond the realm of what most of us can perceive. The crab will generally keep all these talents private though however, hiding within their shell to keep their extremely sensitive interior out of sight. They key to blossoming as a Cancer is to become aware of their emotional fluctuations and refused to be ruled by them, so they can benefit from their unique gifts. Their sensitivity to the world around them is precisely why they do best when sheltered, safe and comfortable in their home.

This sign rules the breasts and stomach. Cancer’s may be weak in these areas, suffering from digestive disorders. Being ruled by the stomach, they gravitate towards comforting and nourishing food, and will feel satisfied when enjoying culinary delights.

Cancerians work their special kind of magic on those that are closest to them, a lot of their talent and non-verbal expression remains private, reflected in the arrangement of their homes. Without a considerable amount of affection and support, our lovely Cancerian friends can grow irritable and nervous.

Because their sign represents "Motherhood", a mother’s influence will be extremely important in their life. If that relationship is not healthy or positive, the Cancer may have a hard time letting go, recreating the experience with their mother in other relationships. They may also have the tendency to become dependent on people, or act as a mother towards others depending on the health of their relationship with their mother.

Below we will discuss some wonderful oils that benefit a Cancerian, and these are: Cypress, Frankincense, Jasmine, Lavender, Lemon and Rose. The spiritual, magical and emotional properties of these oils will assist you in moving and evolving through your incarnation as a Cancer.


Used with intent and awareness, Cypress will aid you in cultivating balance, inner peace and trust. Cypress will offer you with comfort, healing and protection when you feel withdrawn or tempted to retreat into your shell. This oil enhances your ability to communicate and connects you to your deepest aspects, assisting you with letting go of past hurts, situations and events that you may be harboring emotionally. Cypress will help you in opening up to your own strength because it offers you protection from the outside world, allowing you to keep your sensitive internal world safe and peaceful.


Frankincense will offer inspiration and introspection to you; it is protective and lucky when it enters your spiritual field. This oil is excellent for sensitive types and empaths, as it assists to clear and let go of energies that may be causing you harm or fatigue. This will enable you to keep your heart pure and open. Frankincense can also help you as a Cancer with fear of the future. It eases anxiety, cultivates independence and dissolves energies that are best to let go of.


Jasmine will assist you in riding the waves of your emotional tides and brings awareness to your unconscious dreams and desires. It will ease your anxiety, and develop your love, compassion and purpose. As Jasmine is powerful in helping to support your spiritual and physical well-being, it can assist you in cultivating independence and fosters healthy relationships with others. This oil can also attract love, and sedate your anxieties (particularly when you are longing for a relationship). This oil will generate warmth in your heart.


This oil has a warming and protecting love, alike to that of mother earth. As a Cancer, a strong mother figure is highly beneficial to you and Lavender will provide love from mother earth and balance your inner emotional psyche. As this oil eases anxiety, it can dissolve your fears of the future, help you to let go and foster your inner tranquility (so you can feel more at home wherever you go). Lavender supports and stabilizes the your heart, calming your spirit and reducing your irritability.


This oil cultivates the awareness and clarity of your being, which is full of enjoyment. This oil is a spiritual cleanser, helping you as a sensitive Cancer, to clear accumulated toxins and emotions in your physical and etheric body. Lemon will rejuvenate you, assisting you in gaining clarity on your life purpose. It will also provide you with the energy to positively uncover hidden detrimental emotions in your psyche. This oil will also aid your delicate digestive system that can become overburdened when you have excess Kapha/Water element built up in the body.


As this oil encourages your unconditional love, and understanding for yourself and those around you, it will increase your self-confidence, foster independence, and open your heart chakra. As a Cancer, you really do thrive on love and affection, and this oil can help you draw upon your own reserves within, attracting more love and connection to you. Rose will calm your nervous system, release anger, despair and frustration from your heart and comfort you. You love to build close relationships and rose opens the door to friendship and empathy.