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Oil your dreams will come true this winter!

Hello my dears, I have comprised a list of my favourite ways to use your most treasured essential oils this season.  THE LIST 1.) TO BATHE, OR NOT TO BATHE? IS THAT EVEN A QUESTION? Unsurprisingly, the top of my list for winter involves a steaming hot bath. Heaven, right? Even better when you add a fragrant element, like essential oils. What most people don't know is that adding essential oils straight into to your bath water, will do more harm than good! As oil and water don't mix, you run the risk of having undiluted and potentially spoiled essential oils bonding directly with your skin, which may cause irritation. To avoid this, use a dispersant! It allows the essential oils...

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Insight into Cancer

We are coming into the cold and winter month of July here in Australia, and it's a time we know to rug up, drink soup, and cuddle in bed. However, the month of July also belongs to the Zodiac sign of Cancer, and to celebrate all the Cancerians born in this time, we have written some information to give you insight into this zodiac sign. Cancer is the 4th Zodiac sign and first water sign symbolizing feelings, compassion and nesting. Cancer represents connection with the lunar tides, feminine polarity and internal rhythms. This water-sign characterizes the age period of 21-28, incarnating for the joy of home, family and career. Pivotal stages in the evolution of their consciousness will include; acquiring...

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Aligning with Adele (

Alignment: "The act of aligning or state of being aligned; especially : the proper positioning or state" When one embarks on a spiritual journey to find their purpose, path, or truth, "alignment" is a phenomenon that may be experienced. From the very small things that seem to fall into place, to the connections we make + the support and love we receive. To us at Clarified, experiencing alignment as part of your reality is a bonefied sign that you are opening up to your authentic self, and progressing forward on the path that comes from within. Adele is pillar of compassion, productivity, life, passion enthusiasm and fierceness. Her message is simple, eat yummy healthy cruelty-free food (see some recipes here)....

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