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Insight into Cancer

We are coming into the cold and winter month of July here in Australia, and it's a time we know to rug up, drink soup, and cuddle in bed. However, the month of July also belongs to the Zodiac sign of Cancer, and to celebrate all the Cancerians born in this time, we have written some information to give you insight into this zodiac sign. Cancer is the 4th Zodiac sign and first water sign symbolizing feelings, compassion and nesting. Cancer represents connection with the lunar tides, feminine polarity and internal rhythms. This water-sign characterizes the age period of 21-28, incarnating for the joy of home, family and career. Pivotal stages in the evolution of their consciousness will include; acquiring...

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Insight into Aries

The baby of the Zodiac is a fire sign; one who represent the beginning of all things. Ruled by Mars, Aries are fiery, dynamic and headstrong. It is not often they will be unsure of their opinion. After all, the phrase of Aries astrological sign is; I AM. As such, many Aries men and women pride themselves on being just as they are. They can tend to take offense when they are over-analysed, misunderstood or mistaken for what they are not. They will often have a small group of very close friends who encourage them to be their passionate selves and pursue their interests with them. That is not to say that an Aries doesn’t have many friends, as their...

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