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Oil your dreams will come true this winter!

Hello my dears, I have comprised a list of my favourite ways to use your most treasured essential oils this season.  THE LIST 1.) TO BATHE, OR NOT TO BATHE? IS THAT EVEN A QUESTION? Unsurprisingly, the top of my list for winter involves a steaming hot bath. Heaven, right? Even better when you add a fragrant element, like essential oils. What most people don't know is that adding essential oils straight into to your bath water, will do more harm than good! As oil and water don't mix, you run the risk of having undiluted and potentially spoiled essential oils bonding directly with your skin, which may cause irritation. To avoid this, use a dispersant! It allows the essential oils...

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Lunar Love

Hi everyone, it's Rachel here with some musings on the moon which I hope you all enjoy. The moon affects the tides, crop cycles and the behaviour of many loving organisms on the planet, so why would humans be any exception? By understanding the phases and influence of the moon throughout its cycle in the year we may better understand cosmic forces affecting us in day-to-day life. Just as our bodies are influenced from the internal (the food we ingest, the liquids we drink) so are we affected by the external influences on our planet and the frequencies of the solar system. As many of you know - the moon was once part of the earth, separated by a mars...

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