Essential oils are so much more than just an aroma, they are the living vibrational essence of a plant. It is these vibrational frequencies we can tap into to attract love, abundance, luck and happiness into our lives. Worn as a protective talisman around your neck they provide clarity, balance and harmony. Visualise the ultimate vision of yourself that you are trying to manifest. Close your eyes. Breathe in our oils and allow the scent to permeate your intent.
To help Rachel achieve a perfectly apt custom blend for you, write to her with what you hope to achieve with purchase of a custom blend.
1. What are your goals and aspirations for yourself? What are you trying to embrace? Are you dealing with fatigue, anxiety, lack of self-confidence or depression? Allow yourself to connect with yourself as an individual, from there, Rachel will help you to achieve the perfect scent.
2. As sense of smell is a completely unique phenomenon, think about what scents you are truly attracted to, and ones that may not tickle your nose with happiness. She will always endeavor to make sure the scent provided you with will be one that your nose loves to the moon and back.
3. Oils are also aids to elevate our vibration and can help with a multitude of spiritual pursuits. Keep in mind oils can help with the following: chakra cleansing and balancing, spiritual protection, peace of mind, clarity, self-awareness, grounding, heightened states of being, meditation, karmic debt, manifestation, self-love, entering the present moment, and so much more!
I can't wait to hear about your unique wants, needs and hopes so I can birth your individualised scent into this world.
Warmth & Love
Rachel x