Lakshmi Blend
Lakshmi Blend
Lakshmi Blend
Lakshmi Blend
Lakshmi Blend

Lakshmi Blend

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Dimensions of Amber Bottle: 25mm (h) x12mm (w)

Wear Lakshmi to attract wealth and prosperity, both material and spiritual. This particular blend of oils are designed to attract positivity, stamina and fortune with both personal and business endeavors. Their vibrational qualities encourage one to enjoy their success in this world, without become overly obsessed with or attached to wealth. This allows one to strive for their goals without fear of financial failure. Swing fortune in your favour with a vibrational good luck charm. Lakshmi Blend contains the Certified Organic essential oils of; Neroli, Sweet Marjoram, Pine and Basil. It has a sweet herbaceous and floral scent, which uplifts the aura instantly while attracting prosperity.

Why do we use Neroli in the Lakshmi blend?
Neroli essential oil attracts calming, peaceful and jovial vibrations to your aura. It has been used throughout history as a good luck charm for business endeavours as it helps you manifest success. It is also emotionally calming which is beneficial for any business where you need to keep a level head.

Why do we use Sweet Marjoram in the Lakshmi blend?
This oil gives us the drive and perseverance to continue with our goals and dreams; making them a reality. It aids people who expect too much of themselves in their professions and lessens the need for perfection. It also aids in mental clarification; which makes it easier to attack a heavy workload.

Why do we use Pine in our Lakshmi Blend?
Pine essential oil is reputed to inspire a mindful attitude, humbleness and strong direction. It has been noted as a powerfully protective oil. It helps us to not ignore the true longing in our hearts, as to do so would be ignoring our true calling in life. Therefore is particularly beneficial for anyone wanting to make their passion their business.

Why do we use Basil in our Lakshmi Blend?
The vibrational qualities of Basil bring awareness and understanding of situations, allowing one to harness their intuition. It provides mental clarity while awakening and uplifting the spirit. It attracts a sense of self-confidence; which encourages trust in oneself and success in both personal and business endeavours. Basil is also used to bring wealth and prosperity into one’s life.

Warmth & Love,

Rachel x