Pavarti Blend
Pavarti Blend
Pavarti Blend
Pavarti Blend
Pavarti Blend

Pavarti Blend

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Dimensions: 25mm (h) x12mm (w)

A blend that allows one to bring love into their lives and create a sound sense of self-worth. Not just for the love of self or others, but for the love of life itself. This magical blend contains the Certified Organic Essential Oils of; Rose Absolute, Lemon Myrtle, Lavender, Geranium and Juniper Berry. It has a refreshing and comforting smell that instantly opens your heart to positivity and loving vibrations.

Why do we use Rose in our Pavarti Blend?
Encourages unconditional love and understanding for yourself and those around you. An excellent oil for those who lack patience, Rose is said to open the heart chakra and increase your self confidence. By loving yourself fully, you are able to accept the love you deserve from others.

Why do we use Lemon Myrtle in our Pavarti blend?
Lemon Myrtle oil attracts strong loving and protective vibrations to your aura. Its healing qualities are associated with past life sabotages. If you find yourself repeating the same mistakes in love, Lemon Myrtle gives assistance in moving forward and learning from the lessons you have encountered.

Why do we use Lavender in our Pavarti Blend?
Lavender oil is said to bring a warming and protective love, alike to that of Mother Earth. It lifts the weight of sadness and depression to allow balance of your emotional psyche. It has been used for many years in love spells, believed to increase your love of yourself and therefore your inner power.

Why do we use Geranium in our Pavarti Blend?
If you are indecisive, lacking direction or unsure of your place within this world, invite the vibrations of Geranium into your heart. It provides you with assurance, balance and tranquility. Used with great respect for many years, Geranium oil is said to comfort the inner child and therefore may assist you in dealing with emotional blockages from childhood. With a loving and open heart you are able to dispel any grief that still resides in your energy body. It irons out any irrationality and discontent, helping you be the balanced person you know is within.

Why do we use Juniper Berry in our Pavarti Blend?
Attracts energies associated with enlightenment and inner healing. It is said to aid you in understanding why certain negative situations may trouble you. Allow a better communication with oneself allows a greater appreciation and love of our own personal boundaries and ideals. When we respect ourselves others follow suit. Allow Juniper Berry into your life when you need to heal yourself.

Warmth & Love,

Rachel x