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“I AM”

The baby of the Zodiac is a fire sign; one who represents the beginning of all things. Ruled by Mars, Aries are fiery, dynamic and headstrong. It is not often they will be unsure of their opinion. After all, the phrase of Aries astrological sign is; I AM. As such, many Aries men and women pride themselves on being just as they are. They can tend to take offense when they are over-analysed, misunderstood or mistaken for what they are not. They will often have a small group of very close friends who encourage them to be their passionate selves and pursue their interests with them. That is not to say that an Aries doesn’t have many friends, as their upbeat disposition and outspoken nature means they make friends easily. Being the youngest sign in the Zodiac, concerning the first seven years of life; their life lessons are often to do with perception, gaining language, traveling and soaking in all they can from their environments. They see the world with awe and wonder. They can be very frank, open and honest; sometimes it is as if they possess no filter for what they internalise to what they externalise. Or rather, what they need to externalise.

As Mars is the God of War, Aries signs are often ready at a moments notice to pick up their swords and defend their honour. Their bravery is the stuff of legends and they make an excellent friend if you find yourself needing a confidence boost. They are loving and loyal but in no means needy. They are strong and independent people who love to inspire others to thrive on their own. Their topics of conversation are often widespread, but a common theme can be noble causes. As they are pure of heart, they wish the world to thrive and the people in it to prosper, sometimes their fire can take over and they will find themselves entering conversations just for the thrill of the argument.

Aries need to cool their fire from time to time to find a balance within. Sometimes learning to not always need to be right in an argument. If you are close to an Aries man/woman, it is important to remember when engaging in debate - they mean you no harm. It is in the fiery nature of an Aries to defend their opinions, no matter whom the conversation is with or what it is regarding. It is often a quick and sometimes therapeutic way for them to let off steam and release some of their fiery passion and is actually a necessary process for them from time to time. Otherwise, if all this fire were kept in – they might explode!

Although they love communicating, they can go great lengths of time without speaking a word. Taking everything in from the external, to better form a just and fair opinion. They make great leaders in business as well as proficient team players. They thrive while progressing quickly and efficiently, sometimes getting hot headed if people are holding them back from things they want or need to accomplish.

The Aries Blend encompasses the healing oils of Atlas Cedarwood, Frankincense, Geranium, Lemon and Rose Absolute to assist you in moving through your incarnation as an Aries. 


This oil will help you in identifying when to put down your sword and release the need to be right. Atlas Cedarwood encourages this as it is an oil of transformation. It encourages you to let go of old ways to make way for new horizons. Therefore, it is a beneficial essential oil for letting go of thought patterns surrounding how you or others ‘should be'. Atlas Cedarwood will provide you with the grounded energy you need to detach from thoughts that may escalate, promoting a state of calm serenity and acceptance.


This oil offers you introspection and internal awareness, aiding you in releasing the need to force your ideas upon people. Frankincense is a protector and caller of wisdom. When it is active in your auric field it encourages you to call on the knowledge of generations past; and will therefore help you to learn when a conversation is necessary or unnecessary. As Aries are so open to the world, ideas, situations and people, they can easily absorb a lot of positive energies but also many negative vibes also. Frankincense is an oil of protection and will encourage negativity to be deflected instead of absorbed.


This oil will encourage emotional balance when you find yourself getting worked up with others not seeing things your way. Geranium encourages emotional balance within your body, releasing emotional blockages from childhood. Therefore, it may help you to let go of beliefs that were formed during the early stages of your life, allowing change and progression of thought to occur. Perfect for an Aries as they represent the life period of 0-7 years when many childhood patterns are formed. Utilising Geranium can help to cool any excess fire you have cultivated in a healthy and gentle way. This oil aids in showing you how to see both sides of an argument. As and Aries and a fire sign you carry wise intellect within your being, and Geranium will allow you to understand that both sides of a disagreement have pros and cons. Neither is better or worse than the other, just different.


As an Aries you have a plethora of energy, but you are still susceptible to burning out. Utilising Lemon is fantastic for clearing the mind and energy centers of your body, allowing for the free flow of Qi and elimination of stagnant energy. As you can be very mentally active, Lemon oil will remedy any foggy or detached feelings in your mind during the day to help you feel more focused and able to complete important tasks. Energetically, Lemon is incredibly uplifting and has been reputed as a most valuable treatment for hysterical palpitation of the heart, including stressful states of both mind and body, which you can be prone to as a fire sign.


This oil assists in calming your assertive fire. Rose Absolute inspires unconditional love and understanding of all situations. Inhaling rose will calm your soul and support your heart in opening to new things. It’s vibrations are soft and gentle, like the petals of a rose, and will encourage you to accept others ideas in conversations easily; while still exuding passionate responses that are aligned with your hearts and ideals.

Warmth & Love

Rachel x