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Aquarius is the 11th sign of the Zodiac symbolising a universal orientation to life, advanced thought and downloading of universal consciousness into our world. Their Talisman is the water-bearer, often they are mistaken for a water-sign. However, this water actually symbolises the pouring of the wisdom from the God’s upon the earth, hence relating to the air element. This translates into the beneficial traits of independence, universal wisdom and awareness that can reduce into negative traits of destruction, rebellion and erratic behavior. Representing the age period of 70-77, the Aquarius is the final air sign, and will incarnate for humanitarianism and elevating social consciousness. During this phase of evolution, a soul will cultivate a childlike, fanciful and yet wise outlook upon life. This sign prevails with logic, and intelligence while remaining impartial and detached. However, the erratic and destructive nature of this signs element shows a need for direction and guidance to stay the course and patience to unfold the path, without dulling the vibrancy and impact of its energies. Aquarius can be seen as the evolutionary stage between Capricorn and Pisces, which transmutes aspiring, earthy and pragmatic consciousness into diffuse, watery and other worldly energies.

Aquarius is ruled by Saturn/Uranus, mixing quirkiness, fun and erratic energies with practical, limiting and responsible ones. Despite deeper awareness of others, Aquarians rarely connect with people on the deep and personal level that characterises many relationships due to being devoid of set patterns, beliefs and emotional desires. This can make them appear aloof and cold, yet sometimes they are just shy and lacking confidence so they choose to hold people at bay with strong opinions and shrewd observations. This is a clever tactic to prevent others from wanting to become more intimately involved with them, creating a manner of all mental distractions, diverting people away from trying to pin them down.

Aquarians may divert intimacy for the sake of getting on with their mission and manifesting their visionary ideals and goals for the planet. Aquarius teaches the values of science and extrasensory powers, and signifies the new millennium that we are poised to enter, in which our world will be transformed. Their highly universal consciousness’s can often transcend material restrictions and limitations. This brings about a resistance to traditional relationships, which may not be based on understanding of truth, or spiritual growth and evolution. Relationships they are interested in building are teams of like-minded individuals that wish to engage in a process of bettering their lives and the world.

Aquarians are constantly embracing change, keeping up with new findings, moving projects forward and reinventing the wheel with innovative thought. Give your Aquarian friends or partners as much latitude as possible to exercise their imaginative powers, and place them under very few restrictions to get the most out of them. If confronted with conflict or stressful demands they can fly off the handle, strike out and attack you with lightening speed, or simply choose to disappear. Aquarians can be stubborn in their desire for freedom, and they wont think twice at shunning a friend who doesn’t embrace their visionary thoughts.

Often Aquarians are baffled and bewildered by rejection, since they approach life with an open attitude. As they are completely accepting of others, they will assume others will be completely accepting of them, however this may not always be the case.

The Aquarius Blend encompasses the healing vibrations of: Frankincense, Jasmine, Lavender, Lemon, Patchouli and Rose to assist with moving and evolving through your incarnation as an Aquarius.

WHY DO WE USE FRANKINCNESE? This oil is a high vibration, filled with inspiration and introspection; it is for this reason that it can support your high vibrational consciousness and inspire you to make use of your phenomenal healing and teaching potential. Frankincense helps you to obtain spiritual heights, and offers enlightenment to your visionary capacity. Not only that, it will protect you, providing luck when you are open and vulnerable energetically. It is known, that high vibrational sensitive’s or empaths can suffer from attracting negative energies that can cause them harm or fatigue. Frankincense will help to move and clear those energies, driving out all negativity and sorrow. Therefore this oil can allow you to open up confidently to your full potential, as well as relationships, without the fear of getting bogged down by the people you are helping.

WHY DO WE USE JASMINE? Jasmine connects you to your emotions, supporting your inner healing potential. It will drive your purpose, while helping you to foster compassion and love. Through connecting you to your inner sensuality, Jasmine can help inspire confidence, especially when dealing with intimate relationships. 

WHY DO WE USE LAVENDER? This oil has a warming and protective love, grounding you and anchoring your universal consciousness down in earth. As it treats anxiety, harmonises the nervous system, and reduces stress. Lavender can soften the fixed stubbornness of your Aquarian “knowing” attitude. This will allow your defenses to come down and assist you in making closer connections with people truly suited to you.

WHY DO WE USE LEMON? This oil assists your inner-intelligence, building awareness, clarity and rejuvenation. There are a couple of benefits to you having clarity of mind, and that includes great capacity for visionary ideas. Lemon assists in focusing you on your purpose, diminishing your tendency to become scattered and sidetracked. With this extra clarity and focus, you may become more flexible with your ideas, instead of stubbornly insisting on something being the “right-way”. It is also a spiritual cleanser, detoxifying accumulated toxins in the etheric and physical bodies, which build up if you attract negative people or energies.

WHY DO WE USE PATCHOULI? This oil is powerful in creating a connection between you and the earth. Patchouli coaxes you to let go of actions, words, and patterns that hold you back from reaching your true potential. As it removes limitations that you may have had put upon you by others as a child, it can assist in opening you up to your limitless creativity and potential. This oil truly supports your high vibrational capacity, while allowing you to connect deeply to your own physical body. When feeling mentally overactive, Patchouli will calm your mind, boost your confidence, eliminate self-doubt and make sure you remember to pay attention to the ‘physical realm’ as well as the spiritual.

WHY DO WE USE ROSE? This oil really hits the spot for so many areas in your life. As Rose opens up the heart (the summit of inner-intelligence and consciousness), it will open you up to your capacity to heal yourself (and the world), foster your high vibrational talents, soften your fear of intimacy (and stubbornness to open up in relationships), inspire confidence and cultivate your visionary ideas. Even though it will open you up to so many of your emotions, thoughts, and feelings, it still restores, balances and calms your nervous system, soothing and easing their “vata/airy” tendencies.

Warmth & Love

Rachel x