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Capricorn is the 10th sign Zodiac sign, symbolising maturity of outlook and awareness of an individual’s relationship to the universe. Their talisman is the mountain goat with a curling fish tail presenting their innate desire to persistently climb, while also experiencing the depths of sensitivity and feeling of the ocean. This translates into the beneficial traits of energy saving, responsibility to the earth and society, and ambition which can quickly reduce into traits of burnout, pessimism, and depression. Representing the age period of 63-70, Capricorn is the last earth sign and will incarnate to build structural support and security. However, this age period also symbolises a hardening of ideas and thoughts. During this phase of evolution, a soul will work hard to build things that last, clearing their karma. There is a sense of fatefulness to the Capricorn’s life and their responsibilities. They are logical climbers whom may sensibly stop once and a while to recharge and enjoy life (graze on the plains), but eventually, they will seek the highest point on the mountain and are characterised by ambition and drive. Although Capricorns can present with a hard exterior, they are intensely deep and have sensitive feelings. They can be seen as the evolutionary stage between Sagittarius and Aquarius, transmuting philosophical, changeable and fiery energies into airy, detached and eccentric ones.

The rulership of Saturn lends seriousness and feelings of responsibility. One negative expression of the Capricorn can come about when they don’t feel supported, doing too many things at once and for too many people. If they don’t spend time taking care of themselves they will burnout and sink deep into their negativity. It is imperative they take care of their health, as their ambition and responsibility can quickly turn in being too cautious and pessimistic, eventually leading to depression when they burn out. Falling into negativity may blind them to opportunities available to them, and this may bring about stagnation and a sense of being ‘stuck’. A word of advice for Capricorns would be to reconnect with their true needs, making sure to spend time in alignment with their personal care.

Capricorns have an instinctive knowledge of power and how it works, so many of them will seek it out. Their life can become excessively work oriented in an unhealthy way. If Capricorns become jaded, they can swing to the darker side of their expression, where they can become greedy, power-hungry, social climbing, and paranoid.

The fish tail of the Capricorn alludes to magic, water and emotions. And although they may constantly try to ascend to heights with an unshakeable sense of faith in their own power, they will truly balance when they honour the deep ocean present in them. Fostering their sensitivity, motherhood, nurturing, and relaxation will support a healthy sense of self. Success will often satisfy a Capricorn greatly, but winning it at the cost of their feelings or those of others around them will have a negative affect on them.

The Capricorn Blend encompasses the healing vibrations of: Bergamot, Clary Sage, Jasmine, Lavender, Rose and Australian Sandalwood to assist with moving and evolving through your incarnation as a Capricorn.


This oil will amplify your energy, joy and laughter. Bergamot will rebuild your energy in times of burnout, elevating your outlook on life to see past negativity. This oil can assist with the ‘stuck’ feeling you despise, clearing the fogginess of doubt that plagues you and reconnecting you with your inner intelligence. Bergamot is also great at attracting success and money to you through aligning you with your mission.


This oil will attract balance to your energy field. As a Capricorn, you can tend to overwork yourself and Clary Sage will protect you against the spells of melancholy, paranoia and stress that you accumulate. When you are depleted from doing too much, Clary Sage will strengthen and rebuild your energy. As you can be fixated on your life mission and purpose, this oil will calm any stress associated with feeling like you're stagnating, or unsure about the best move to make to progress. Clary Sage will connect you to the wisdom of the earth, encouraging you to live to your highest potential.


This oil helps you to become connected to your emotional needs, bringing understanding of your desires and wishes to your conscious mind. Therefore, Jasmine is a beautiful oil to help you find your mission in a gentle, and loving manner, without forcing burnout. If you find yourself becoming lethargic, apathetic or depressed, Jasmine will help you to ride the waves of your emotional tides, cultivate your positivity and encourage creativity.


This oil will grant you the love and wisdom of mother earth, balancing your own earth element when sadness, depression and indifference plague your emotional psyche. Lavender increases inner-intelligence, which puts you more in tune with your life purpose. Because this oil assists and calms the nervous system, it will restore you when you are experiencing fatigue or burnout.


This oil encourages unconditional love and understanding for yourself and those around you, assisting with self-confidence. Because Rose is so connected to the heart, it is another oil that will put you in touch with your inner-intelligence and mission in life. This oil will calm the nervous system and help you to release anger, despair and frustration, while soothing your pessimism.


This oil is very grounding and an excellent choice for a Capricorn whom lacks patience. It has a relaxing affect on the nervous system and will prevent burnout from an obsessive desire to ascend. Sandalwood can be excellent for detaching you from negative thought patterns, assisting you with enjoying the moment and accepting things as they are when you can’t gain control over a situation.


Warmth & Love

Rachel x