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Virgo is the 6th Zodiac sign and the 2nd earth sign; symbolizing analysis, care and order. Virgo represents a systematic approach to concerns of existence. This earth sign is representative of the age period of 35-42, incarnating to ground dispersed energies and ideas. Pivotal stages in the evolution of their consciousness will include: efforts of an adult ego to provide structure to life, as well as delivering ordered contributions of service to the world. This stage of evolution comes through an adult making their way into the world, solving problems, including mid-life crises. Virgo can be seen as the evolutionary stage between Leo and Libra, transmuting fixed, unwavering and forthright energies into gracious, social and diplomatic ones.

Virgos are logical, and love practical and clever projects. They tend to maintain a serious image, with only certain types of humor appealing to them. They have strong moral tendencies. Virgo’s can find a genuine enthusiasm for complicated tasks and they are a great asset in any work environment. However, they can overdo it on mental stimulation, leading to burnout and feeling fried. They are secretive in nature, and are most certainly internal beings. They differ from the dreamy inner world of the Cancer and Pisces, as their mind is taken up with solving, analysing and evaluating, rather than dreaming and visualising.

Virgo is the second sign to be ruled by Mercury after Gemini, which is why intellect is so prominent in their lives. The influence of Mercury allows them to be great communicators, and like Gemini they are quick and succinct thinkers. However the traits of light-speed and hyper-independence are tempered in Virgo, instead, the Winged-God’s favour of helping others is brought to the fore-front. Mercury will give Virgos bundles of energy, which can scatter towards nervousness and fidgeting if they become unbalanced. When used well, this vast energy will enable them to get a lot done. Virgo’s are service-oriented, loving to help others and complete a job well done. They plan and work towards goals for their future, and failing is not an easy task for them. A key point to ensuring they don’t become compulsive, or over-focused, is to get back in touch with their inner-serenity. A Virgo loves to indulge in spontaneity and improvisation too, yet an underlying structure and plan will be essential to that enjoyment.

Virgo’s indulge in wordplay and wit; however, their tendency to take things literally can dampen humour. They prefer not to state their needs verbally; they will expect their close friends and family to meet their silent expectations. As being largely concerned with their mental body, they can lose touch with their intimacy and emotions, making them seem modest or prudish. Therefore, dropping their conventional moral stance and expressing their feelings and desires without restraint is a great way to grant them freedom from their mind.

The Virgo Blend encompasses the healing vibrations of Atlas Cedarwood, Geranium, Grapefruit, Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint to assist with moving and evolving through your incarnation as a Virgo.


This oil will help you in identifying your tendency towards compulsiveness when you are hyper-focused on a task at hand. Atlas Cedarwood is an oil of transformation and new beginnings. It encourages you to let go of old ways to make way for new horizons; therefore, it is a beneficial essential oil for letting go of thought patterns surrounding how you or others ‘should’ be. Atlas Cedarwood will provide you with the grounded energy you need to detach from thoughts that may escalate, promoting a state of calm serenity and acceptance. This oil is used as a tonic for the kidney’s and adrenals, which are known to deplete when you are compulsive and over-focused. Relax a little when you smell this oil. 


This oil will encourage emotional balance when you find yourself getting worked up with other’s not seeing your way. Geranium encourages emotional balance within your body, releasing emotional blockages from childhood. As a Virgo, balance in you requires creating a more even connection between your mental, physical and emotional body. You can tend to live in your mind, leading to nervous energy, fidgeting and over-excitement. Geranium will help you to cultivate balance in all areas of your being, calming you and allowing more physical enjoyment to come to the forefront of your body.


This oil is one of cooperation, so it allows you to open up to your generosity, joy and spontaneity, which are all important in providing you with a healthy balance to your obsessive worry. These traits will put you in touch with your heart and body, supporting health. Overthinking can deplete your earth/kapha element, and affect your digestion and physical energy. Therefore, using the vibrations of Grapefruit to uplift your soul, connect you to harmony and energise your subconscious are crucial in supporting your adrenal health.


This oil grants you the love and wisdom of Mother Earth, balancing your mind when overdoing mental stimulation, resulting in short-circuiting. Lavender increases inner-intelligence and heart energy, which puts you in tune with your life purpose and heart energy, a great balance to your over-focused and compulsive mental stirrings. Lavender drives you to pull back from your hyper-focused ways when concentrating your entire being on a single goal. The calming energies of Lavender will protect you from excessive nervous energy, over-excitement and fidgeting, grounding you and protecting your adrenal energy.


As a Virgo you have a plethora of mental energy, but this comes at a price, sapping your adrenals in the process. Lemon is fantastic for clearing the mind and energy centres of your body, allowing for the free flow of Qi. As you can be very mentally active, Lemon oil will remedy any foggy or detached feelings in your mind during the day to help you feel more focused and able to complete important tasks. When your mind is functioning at full capacity, your health is supported and your obsessive worry is lowered, this will treat any indigestion you experience from overthinking and will also strengthen your body.


This oil assists you with concentration, regeneration and vibrancy. It will support your mental acuity without draining your energy reserves. It will help your mind to work more efficiently with clarity, decreasing obsessive worry and compulsions. This oil is stimulating (something you enjoy), but uplifting and calming at the same time. Lethargy damages your thinking process, and in turn your health, Peppermint oil will energise your mental pathways. This oil will help you clear your mental pathways when you feel stiff, rigid or stuck, and is often used in healing and cleansing work. Through clarity and cleansing of your mental body, this oil will protect you from negative, obsessive and worried thinking patterns.


Warmth & Love,

Rachel x