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Libra is the 7th Zodiac sign and the 2nd air sign after Gemini; symbolizing social evolution and the need to take their place in the world as a mature adult. This sign understands the roles and parts everyone plays on the universal stage. Libra is represented by the scales and their energy highlights the need for balance in life. This air sign is representative of the age period of 42-49, incarnating to refine social roles by considering how one relates to others. Pivotal stages in the evolution of their consciousness will include: weighing alternatives, formulating educated opinions, beauty, social understanding and harmony. However, constant weighing options can lead to indecision and uncertainty. Libras desire harmony and beauty in the world around them and these Venusian traits are usually charming to others. Libra can be seen as the evolutionary stage between Virgo and Scorpio, transmuting Virgo’s analytical, practical and service-oriented energies and cultivating Scorpios fixed, powerful and controlling ones.

Libra is the second sign after Taurus to be ruled by Venus, characterised by love, beauty and harmony. Working best in a balanced partnership, they focus on striking an excellent equilibrium and use it as a stepping-stone to stimulate creativity and evolve each person’s ideas. It is important for them to have positive people around them, and choose a great partner in life, as they are aware of the way others see them, and it is easy for them to absorb negative viewpoints of others. Although Venus brings a love for harmony, Librans are well educated in debate and they can often stir up argument through controversial attitudes and behavior. As it is important to be socially accepted, the Libra can also find balance in scenarios by creating a “false” harmony that exists on the surface, rather than addressing the imbalance. As they are always charming and excellent at saying the right thing at the right time, it can be easy for them to be too passive in the face of a conflict. To guard against creating relationships and situations that may not really serve their higher truth, it is important for the Libra to feel strong in their sense of self, and cultivate independence.

One way in which Libra’s can find themselves getting stuck, is through their understanding of both sides of a problem. They can choose to examine every aspect of an idea or project and procrastinate because of it.

Libra’s are known for fighting for what is fair and just. Although they are diplomatic, they loathe injustice, cruelty and unpleasantness. So it is interesting how they can become unpleasant and cruel themselves when feeling confronted with perceived injustices. Sometimes it is better for them to remain positive and let it go, however, it is a Libra’s gift to create mutually beneficial situations in which both parties benefit. A word of advice to Libra is to try and not get caught up in a decision-making processes and to remember that they are at their best when feeling light and graceful.

The Libra Blend encompasses the healing vibrations of: Atlas Cedarwood, Clary Sage, Frankincense, Geranium, Lime and Rosemary to assist with moving and evolving through your incarnation as a Libra.


This oil will help you to ground your Vata/Air energies. Although you have less tendency to scatter than a Gemini, it is important not get carried away with your mind and creativity. Atlas Cedarwood is an oil of transformation and new beginnings. Atlas Cedarwood will provide you with the grounded energy you need to detach from thoughts that may escalate, promoting a state of calm serenity and acceptance. With this grounding, Atlas Cedarwood will help to promote a strong sense of self in you when feeling indecisive. Connecting to your true self and inner strength assists you in generating the courage to rally for justice, a cause that fulfills you the most.


his oil brings peace and harmony to your aura. It will protect you against the stress of indecisiveness, and eases concerns about which path to take when you are overwhelmed with all the options. Clary Sage encourages you to listen to your inner wisdom, strengthening your connection to your deepest aspects, rather than absorbing the opinions and behaviors of others around you.


Frankincense is surely an essential oil of the highest order. This sacred oil, will aid you with your benevolence and charm, increasing your capacity and love for sociability. Frankincense is an oil to help you obtain your ultimate spiritual height and prestige and therefore will support a strong sense of self within you. When Frankincense is active in your auric field, it will provide protection, spirituality and luck, a great help in assisting you in going after your heart’s desires. This oil will ease your anxiety when situations of injustice come up, allowing you more energy to stimulate creative ways and ideas to deal with, and neutralize unfair situations, which is a powerful talent of yours.


In order for you to charm those around you with your Venusian traits, you must be in touch with your inner benevolence and grace. When balanced, you will naturally exhibit all of these qualities. This is where the lovely Geranium comes in. Not only will Geranium free you from the indecisiveness that leads to you lack direction, it will also provide you with assurance, balance and tranquility. Used with great respect for many years, Geranium will assist you in dealing with any emotional blockages that keep your heart from truly flourishing. As a Libra, you represent balance, as does Geranium, when both of you work together, it stimulates exuberant creative potential.


Lime will stimulate your call to action. A Libra can either be unaware, causing disruption and arguments with their strong ideals and morals, or they can be too passive and seek to keep the peace socially rather then following their deepest aspects and desires to affect change and justice. Lime is the perfect oil to make sure you overcome your fears of speaking out diplomatically. As an Air/Vata sign, you may become susceptible to indigestion when you are in excess, or depleted of this element from over-thinking, stimulation or creative flow. Lime will help your digestive and nervous systems strengthen and recuperate.


This oil is incredibly uplifting and will stimulate your creativity, ideas and assist your sociability and charm. Rosemary is incredibly energizing and will allow you to stand your ground as it supports you in cultivating a strong sense of self. Rosemary helps us remember whom and what we are, protecting you against the social influences around you. This oil will lift exhaustion, and connect you to the philosophy of justice and fairness you have within your heart.


Warmth & Love,

Rachel x