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Pisces is the 12th and last Zodiac sign so it can be seen as the most highly evolved of the entire zodiac; symbolising duality, the nature of yin/yang, emotions and the flow of life. Their talisman is the fish swimming in different directions in the cosmic ocean, representing the highest lessons of brotherhood and the capacity to understand the depth of the nature of life. This translates into the beneficial traits of submerging themselves in universal mysteries, an ability to adapt to any situation and deep belief in the powers of the universe. However, those traits can end up reducing into their negative expressions of unreliability, confusion and lack of direction. Representing the age period of 77-84, Pisces is the ultimate and last water sign, incarnating to merge the human soul with the universe, teaching us to let go of our earthborn form, as death is only rebirth of new life. During this phase of evolution a soul will begin to let go of earthly attachments. This will bring about the valuable life lesson of bestowing their dreams and visions to humanity. On the negative side of this though, their dual nature has them swimming in two directions at once with confusion. They have the propensity to spend more time considering alternate realities and different levels of consciousness than they do bringing their life purpose to fruition. Pisces can be seen as the evolutionary stage between Aquarius and Aries, transmuting airy, detached and eccentric energies into fiery, direct and uncomplicated ones.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune and Jupiter, therefore they attain both the psychic and deep vulnerability to others emotions from Neptune, and expansive and changeable energies from Jupiter. Neptune’s rulership amplifies their dream-state and spirituality. When unbalanced, a Pisces may not be seen as reliable or practical, but if they use their gifts wisely, they will become masters of expressing abstract ideas. Pisces are multi-dimensional beings and it can be said that their understanding is due to having a small combination of all the zodiac signs within them. Their deeply sensitive natures can make it difficult for them to lead an easy social life. Their intuition and psychic abilities are sometimes best sorted through with ample alone time, without becoming too fearful of the world, or hidden and isolated. Suffering and emotions are tolerated well by the Pisces, as they have an inherent maturity of awareness within them. However, if they fall victim to self-pity or depression, they are vulnerable to addiction.

To evolve and grow, a Pisces must use their deep understanding in a positive and compassionate way. By supporting others selflessly they will make nurturing healers of the world. They must take care with this though, as their inner need to help others can lead to self-sacrificing. They should be aware of their own energetic needs and take measures not to let others become a drain on their deep and profound power.

The Pisces Blend encompasses the healing vibrations of: Atlas Cedarwood, Clary Sage, Frankincense, Geranium, Jasmine, Lavender, Lemon and Rose to assist with moving and evolving through your incarnation as a Pisces.


This oil will assist you with cultivating balance. As your path is characterised by growth, you can find yourself losing sight of your purpose and direction. Your propensity to spaciness and disconnection can be rectified with the powerful energies of Atlas Cedarwood. This oil will encourage you on your path, assisting in making dreams a reality. Atlas Cedarwood is grounding and aligns you with the importance of walking with mother earth, nourishing and protecting life. By grounding and strengthening you, this oil can also block negative emotions and people that can slow down your energy.


This oil attracts love and balance to you. Clary sage can protect against dreamy spells of melancholy, paranoia and fear of the world. As it calms concerns focused around your purpose in life and teaches you how to cultivate inner wisdom. Clary sage can encourage intuition and understanding, encouraging you to live up to your full potential. The balance this oil brings to the central nervous system and mind can treat anxiety, tension and depression. It can strengthen depleted Qi when you are self-sacrificing your energy to support others.


This oil will help you obtaining spiritual heights and enlightenment and therefore cultivates intuition and understanding within. Frankincense offers protection and spiritually,  therefore, it will soothe your fears of the world. By providing you with introspection and inspiration, this oil calms your inner world, clearing negative energies accumulated through empathetic and sensitive tendencies.


This oil is great for indecisiveness and lack of direction. It will provide you with assurance, balance and tranquility, easing your fear of venturing out into the world. If you are feeling over-burdened with emotions, Geranium can assist in dealing with emotional blocks, dispelling grief in the emotional body. It will iron out irrationality, and discontent, leading to balance and peace.


This oil brings intuition and understanding, connecting you to your desires and wishes. It will assist you in manifesting your vision in a peaceful way. This oil has a simply exquisite effect the emotions and mind, easing the burden of your empathy and sensitivity. If you happen to fall prey to depression and addictions, Jasmine can be the oil to ease you out.


This oil grants the love and wisdom of mother earth, balancing the mind when sadness and depression plague the emotional body. This oil soothes your inner-world, helping you to interact with the outer world with strength and confidence. Lavender also increases inner-intelligence and heart-energy, bringing you closer to your life purpose.


This oil is used in the blend to help bring clarity and rejuvenation. It can enhance spiritual and psychic awareness while allowing the mind to remain clear and present. It will bring you a higher level of concentration when indecisive and lacking direction. Lemon also purifies the spiritual, mental and emotional bodies that can become taxed due to your sensitivity.


Lastly, this oil encourages a unconditional love and understanding for yourself and those around you. Rose connects you to your heart and inner-intelligence, amplifying your intuition and direction in life. Once again, this is another oil that helps to soothe and ease your inner-world, greatly benefiting your response to the outer world.

Warmth & Love,

Rachel x