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Scorpio is the 8th Zodiac sign and the second water sign, symbolising intensity, weight and darkness (the unknown). Scorpio represents the power that comes about in middle age when one discovers the ability to gain control and direct life and the people around them. This water sign is representative of the age period of 49-56, incarnating to attempt to achieve full power within social roles. Pivotal stages in the evolution of their consciousness will include: reaching a peak in their creative achievement or finding ascendancy in family or career. Scorpio is all about going deep within their dark psyche, dying, rebirthing and then regenerating. Their path is to explore the darkest winter of their soul before transmuting and rebuilding themselves into a stronger person. Some of them actually seek out hitting rock bottom just so they can discover the strength to pull themselves out. Scorpios have three different modes of being, the slug: where they seethe, hide, slow down and diminish due to past hurts, the stinger: whom lashes out in self-defense with their weapons, and the eagle: who has the ability to see further and soar above the heights of their emotions and perceived hurts.

The rulership of Pluto brings power, sexuality, darkness, fatefulness and deep consciousness to the forefront, and the co-ruler Mars, lends them with fire, assertiveness and directness. This blending of energies allows a Scorpio strong will and desire, usually getting what they want. They are determined with strong survival instincts. They are also gifted or cursed with strong sexual urges and have a highly developed sense of sexuality. Yet as these beings already have a deeply intimate connection with the unconscious world, it is through opening their hearts up to vulnerability that they will truly find fulfillment. They have a tendency to use sex and relationships as a power play, hiding their vulnerability and real feelings from even their own eyes.

Scorpios can see life through the lens of sadness and tragedy. Don’t try to get close to this Zodiac sign through superficiality or undue optimism and sparkle. Rather, bond with them over their mature sense of humour and discuss the ironies of life.

As Scorpion emotions can be overwhelming and intense, they can find themselves feeling possessive, jealous and manipulative over their partners if they don’t feel safe. It would do them well to realize that they always end up suffering with guilt when they have gone on the defensive and destructive, annihilating people whom they perceive to be against them. Choosing their friends and partners wisely is a must, it is important for the Scorpion to know that their loved ones are as loyal and as passionate as they are.

Scorpio rules the reproductive organs and they will benefit from taking care of them. As this is the place where they generate their passionate and creative sexual power, it is also susceptible to becoming deficient and overworked.

The Scorpio Blend encompasses the healing vibrations of: Clary Sage, Cypress, Jasmine, Lavender and Sandalwood to assist with moving and evolving through your incarnation as a Scorpio.


This oil can promote the wisdom of the unconscious within a Scorpio’s while also instilling balance and tranquility. The calming properties of this oil helps to alleviate your guilt and possible self-loathing, also stimulating the sexual creature within you. Therefore, Clary Sage can soften your tendency to feel vindictive and inflict cruelty on others when reacting to any perceived pain or hurt they have caused you to suffer. The psychological attributes of this oil promote contentment and self-love within you, helping you to gently awakening your subconscious, rather then aiming to hit rock bottom and meet your darkest demons. Clary Sage can reveal your purpose to you and help you to understand why you tread such an emotionally turbulent path in your quest to become a phoenix. Clary Sage is known to offer great support and balance to the reproductive organs, which will help you in cultivating your sexual energy and power.


This oil offers you with comfort, healing and protection, while assisting you in cultivating balance, inner peace trust and wisdom. Journeying into the darkness of your unconscious psyche is a confronting and arduous task, but Cypress will help you connect to the wisdom of the universe. This oil will feel your sorrow and offer you strength and support. Cypress carries frequencies that alternate between the physical and spiritual world. It assists us in letting go of negative events and emotions such as sadness, depression, guilt, cruelty and death. As a Scorpio, your journey often entails a sort of death, so you can rise and be born again stronger and wiser, this oil will assist you with this transition and help you release strong attachment to yourself and your ego. Cypress, like Clary Sage, will also regulate your reproductive organs.


This oil will help you to become connected to your emotional needs, bringing understanding to your conscious mind about your desires and wishes. Jasmine will help you ride the waves of your emotional tides, dissolving negativity, guilt and depression while promoting sexuality, passion and joy. Jasmine’s therapeutic action will be to comfort your mind in times of hardship and suffering. Jasmine is yet another supporter of the storehouse of your sexual and creative energy, your reproductive organs.


This oil grants you the love and wisdom of mother earth, having positive balancing effects on your emotions. Lavender can increase your heart-energy and vulnerability, which is crucial to your development and fulfilment, especially in the relationships and sexual arena. This oil can also offer you companionship and comfort when you are in solitary periods of growth and transformation of your life.


This oil is very grounding and an excellent choice for when you are overwhelmed with internal battles of emotion and transformation. It will decrease your obsessive need for power and control and offers assistance in exploring the darker aspects of your psyche in a safe and balance way. This oil can be excellent at detaching you from negative thought patterns that promote your cruel, stinging and vindictive side. Sandalwood will help you to enjoy the moment, accept things as they are and calm your desires for gaining control over situations and people.

Warmth & Love,

Rachel x