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Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac, symbolising growth and development. Representing the age period between 7-14, Taurus is the youngest earth sign and will incarnate to establish roots. During this phase of evolution, a soul will begin to understand control over their environment and become aware of what belongings are theirs. This will also bring about the valuable life lessons that care, maintenance and respect for valuables will increase their life span. Other lessons experienced in this period of evolution are sharing, trading, and working in harmony with others (after the sometimes-painful realisation that one cannot always be the centre of attention). Taureans represent a nurturing face of our ego, caring, managing and maintaining. They can be seen as the evolutionary stage between Aries and Gemini, transmuting flaming, direct and straightforward energies into airy spacious and changeable ones.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, enjoying the fine pleasures in life while concerning themselves with harmony and beautiful surroundings. Part of the programming of their incarnation is to establish security and fine possessions, deeply involving themselves in the material world. They will fine-tailor their homes, work environment, and gardens to be uplifting and atmospheric. A Taurus can transport you to a heightened state through their creative use of space and biogeometry. They are also incredibly sensual beings, attentive to sex, food, comfort, relaxation and self-care.

Because Taurus is a fixed earth sign, it is usually pictured as stubborn and confrontational like its symbol the bull, but in the interest of harmony, the Taurus can be surprisingly flexible. They are contemplative, and carefully map out strategies to achieve their plans, however they can procrastinate and lose momentum. Their negative side, which may come about in emotional turmoil and disappointment includes; laziness, resistance to change and an obstinate outlook. When in balance, a Taurus will be determined to reach their goals and make a caring friend, colleague or sibling. Taureans are wise in their advising, they become strategic and acute observers who are insightful in regards to the activities of others. 

Taurean’s are prone to stress and tension being carried in their shoulders. They are also likely to suffer with earaches, headaches and stiff necks. This can come about from emotional burden and blocked expression of their truth.

Taureans will thrive by retaining a large measure of autonomy; yet will make a great addition to the team for as long as they can muster it. They will not often tire of what they set their minds to doing, and will perfect and master their life’s work. Don’t mistake a Taurean’s interest in their self as selfishness, they always have the best interest of those around them as well… they live for love, and the people that are dearest to them.

The Taurus Blend encompasses the healing oils of Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Lemon, Australian Sandalwood and Jasmine to assist you in moving through your incarnation as a Taurus.


This oil grants you the love and wisdom of Mother Earth, balancing your mind when sadness, depression and stagnation plague your emotional psyche. Lavender increases inner-intelligence and heart energy, which puts you in tune with your life purpose. As a Taurus, you can struggle with headaches, this oil will be used to soothe and ease your pain when you feel a headache coming on. Lavender drives you to pull back from your headstrong ways when concentrating your entire being on a single goal, excluding the advice and suggestions from others around you.


This a beautiful oil for amplification of your sensual nature. Ylang Ylang helps to sustain calm, enthusiastic, and joyful vibrations, making it an uplifting oil. As a Taurus, you will begin to feel safe to express your love and positivity with Ylang Ylang. This oil has a distinct sweet and feminine energy and will soothe your frustrations, excite and stimulate the senses, open the heart chakra and allows you to amplify your compassion.


Lemon is used to bring flexibility and decrease the stubbornness you may be programed with. Known as a spiritual cleanser, Lemon can help you gain clarity and focus on your purpose. As an earth sign, you can have the potential to feel heavy and unmotivated with accumulation of toxins in the body, Lemon will distill your energy, helping you to gain awareness and uncover the positivity in your psyche. This oil is also great for the headaches and muscle stiffness, which you are prone to as a Taurean.


There really is nothing better for a lovely earth sign than to include an oil that will help you embody the epitome and grace of your element (Kapha/Earth). Sandalwood is very grounding, and an excellent choice for mood-swings, frustration and anger, which can arise from stubbornness, and fixation on control over your environment, especially when excess Kapha/Earth builds up. Sandalwood has a relaxing affect on your nervous system, and will aid with thinking clearly and calmly when you aren’t happy with the way things are going in life. This oil can be excellent at detaching you from negative thought patterns, assisting you with enjoying the moment and accepting things as they are.


Wearing Jasmine essential oil will magnify the spiritual and magical love that you have within. This oil can boost all connected relationships in your life, which are very important to your well being as a Taurus. This oil is known to have powerful feminine energies and will increase your self-confidence. It is seductive just like your earthy Taurean charm, and will lift you out of your brooding moods. When you wear Jasmine it will drive your passion and enhance the seductive and charismatic qualities innate to your being, making you feel beautiful, valuable and treasured.

Warmth & Love,

Rachel x