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Winter is a time for shorter days, colder nights and the hibernation of many living plants, animals and people on the earth. Universal energy may be limited during this time, many find they lack the motivation and drive they once had during the warmer seasons. Therefore winter is a time for formulating ideas, planning and not always one of completion. The lessons learnt in the previous season of Autumn have allowed any negative behaviours, thought patterns and situations to fall away; making it the perfect time to give birth to new and positive ideas. During this time some may find they are softer in personality, tending to take external criticisms more or feel personally burdened by other’s narcissistic tendencies. The fragility of almost all living things during this season on earth means we too, will become more delicate. Traditional Chinese Medicine refers to winter as the embryo, where life is created, coddled even and special care must be taken to ensure it survives the cold months so it may flourish in the Spring. Being kind to yourself inside and out is paramount during this season. A season for being prone to both physical and psychological gentleness, surround yourself with comforting thoughts, food and people. Expecting too much of oneself in winter may lead to the unnecessary destruction of life force and addictive negative habits. The sustaining mental state of Winter is courage, however, under stress this emotion becomes fear. Limiting stress by feeding your body and soul with nourishing and warming food is encouraged. It is so important to put oneself first as all dangers real or imagined may take full force easily in an unbalanced mind or body. Protect yourself by nourishing your body, mind and soul this winter.

We have designed a blend that will not only encourage healthy immune function and defence, but oils that will give courage and a sustained positivity during the cold and dark season. We are utilizing the Certified Organic essential oils of: Eucalyptus, Lavender, Ginger, Fragonia, Lemon, Pine, Atlas Cedarwood.


According to TCM Eucalyptus is classified as a tonic for lung Qi, aiding in the uptake of oxygen by red blood cells, it will enhance breathing function. It is very beneficial for the onset of common colds and sore throats making it an excellent choice for therapeutic protection during the cold months. Energetically it is powerful for dispelling negativity and melancholy, promoting a positive outlook on life while restoring vitality.


This oils works as a carminative for the body, aiding in problems of indigestion as it warms and stimulates the stomach, dispelling cold from the body. Energetically it is a fantastic essential oil for motivation. Homes states in The International Journal of Aromatherapy that “the scent of ginger will increase determination and clarity. It is recommended for conditions associated with loss of motivation, will or inner strength, especially when these present apathy, listlessness, indecision, confusion and disconnection.” It is a great essential oil for people who have clear intentions but lack the personal drive to manifest immediate physical action towards their goals. Breathe in the scent of ginger to activate and stimulate your body!


A recently discovered essential oil, Fragonia is fast becoming a useful tool in aromatherapy for its benefits on the central nervous system and immune function within the body. It has antimicrobial properties, similar to Tea Tree and Lavender and has an ability to decrease anxiety. Energetically it is said to help release past emotional blockages and dispel grief from one’s energetic body. As winter’s rhythm embodies fragility of the mind and body, Fragonia essential oil will be helpful in protecting you holistically during this season.


Pine essential oil stimulates circulation and encourages relief from muscular aches. It interacts with the Central Nervous System to provide support for the body’s adrenals. During winter it is not uncommon to feel fatigued far easier than in the warmer months, Pine will help during times of psychological stress that so often accompanies illness where one will feel emotionally weak. It has mucolytic properties and may assist in the breakdown of phlegm and dampness in the body. It is recommended as a tonic for the lungs and central nervous system. Energetically, Pine essential oil is reputed to inspire a mindful attitude, humbleness and strong direction. Mojay states, “Pine is recommended for persons who often feel responsible not just for their own actions but for the mistakes and suffering of others. Pine oil instils positivity and restores self confidence, replacing undue guilt with forgiveness and self-acceptance.”


This oil is fantastic for clearing the mind and energy centres of the body, allowing for the free flow of Qi and eliminating stagnant energy. If you find fogginess can dampen your spirit during your day, Lemon oil will remedy that detached feeling and help you feel more focused and able to complete important tasks. Energetically, Lemon clears the mind effectively and will aid in the decision making process without over stimulating the brain. It can be very calming for those who are emotionally overwrought. Making it perfect for winter in that it will aid quick thought and help to build strength and confidence within; during a delicate time for everyone, both physically and mentally. Worwood describes the Lemon personality as able to “sparkle and be full of life, with a very positive approach in the form of an unshakeable confidence in everything that they do.” As the colour of a Lemon is yellow, it may resonate with the Solar Plexus Chakra, which directly influences a sound sense of self and purpose in the world. Embrace the personality of the essential oil in each breath in and feel yourself radiating the same qualities outward.

Atlas Cedarwood

The vibrations of Cedarwood promote balance, rebirth, regeneration and regrowth. Taking out the old; transforming it into the new. Allow Atlas Cedarwood to heal, protect and purify you. Therapeutically, Atlas Cedarwood is an antiseptic and a mucolytic, meaning it will aid in breaking down mucus within the body and promote easier breathing and airflow flow through the airways. Salvatore Battaglia writes, “Cedarwood oil can give us immovable strength in times of crisis. Steadying the conscious mind, it will help us to resist the sudden events and powerful emotions that threaten to undermine our confidence and morale.” Making it the perfect essential oil to aid in supporting our fragility during winter.


Lavender oil is said to bring a warming and protective love, alike to that of Mother Earth. It lifts the weight of sadness and depression, whether that be of internal or external influence; to allow balance of your emotional psyche. Therapeutically is very beneficial for inhibiting sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system functions. Which means it will work with the central nervous system to decrease both physical and emotional stress. It encourages the mind to quieten and the body to relax. It has antiseptic and antibacterial properties while also being an antidepressant; this oil is essential for protection for the intake of virus’ during winter and keeping one’s mind free from negative thoughts.

Warmth & Love,

Rachel x