Story Behind the Birthing of Clarified Designs // Introduction to the Designers

The story behind the birth of Clarified is one of love and connection between two souls who found their perfect mirror. It is a story of two souls that were passionate about progression, self-healing, and moving forward, despite all the emotional hardships that had come their way, they found each other.

When Francesca and Rachel first met, the stark contrast was obvious, but so was the magnetic pull. Being born at completely opposite ends of the year, it seemed that Francesca and Rachel were exact opposites in all the right ways. Everything Rachel needed to learn was being mirrored in Francesca, and everything Francesca needed to learn was reflected back in Rachel's eyes. The mutual respect, and love for each other soon budded into a passion for healing, Reiki, and most of all, vibrational healing. In fact, the very first Reiki healing session performed on Rachel by Francesca, resulted in intense waves of laughter, crying, and childhood memories for Rachel, the experience was beautiful for both of them and deepened their connection.

During this time, Rachel was working at Perfect Potion, which was founded 25 years ago and was Australia's first Certified Natural/ Organic/ Fairtrade /Cruelty Free aromatherapy and skin care store to open. Rachel's passion and enthusiasm for the oils became apparent, and forth-ward came Francesca's own desire to know and become closer to the oils. Rachel introduced them with love and excitement to Francesca, patiently describing how essential oils worked, and opened Francesca's nose up to a buffet of deliciously rich and therapeutic oils each time she came around. It wasn't long before Francesca began her own journey with the oils and joined Perfect Potion's team to spread the love and passion for oils. Working for a company that helped the planet, helped others heal naturally, and offered compassion, empathy, respect and love for their workers began to stir the callings in Francesca's heart.


Francesca and Rachel blossomed together as they employed meditation, unconditional love, gradititue, Reiki, Yoga and crystal healing to release emotions, fears, and shed old limiting patterns that hindered their true core essence from emerging. Crystal's were always loved and appreciated in their household to protect, nurture, and motivate their energy to restore and balance.


On one magical day, Francesca began reading and researching about the spiritual and magical properties of the oils at work, gaining awareness of how their vibrations could be utilised for an abundance of spiritual pursuits.

"All I kept thinking about was how I wanted something to carry the oils around with me all day, so I could gain the benefits of their scent, and their vibrational qualities, just like I did with crystal's. That evening I came home to Rachel, excited to share all the knowledge I had gained about the essence and soul of essential oils" - Francesca

It was that very night that Rachel heard Francesca's desire to take the oils around with her all day, and fulfilled her wish. "I bought these tiny little bottles the other day in store, that we can make into a necklace, and I had no idea why. But I am guessing it is for the exact purpose of putting the oils into bottles and wearing them as necklaces." - Rachel

Everything magically fell into place as the two began to wear the oils, asking for assistance in healing, manifestation and helping the planet. It wasn't long till friends and customers asked for the courtesy of extending a necklace to them as well. From there, clarified was born.

Rachel and Francesca are very excited to impart these gifts from the universe to you.

  • Each bottle is hand-crafted with love
  • Oils used are 100% pure essential oil from the well known, and trustworthy Perfect Potion in Brisbane. Oils are 100% Organically sourced where possible, thanks to the hard work of dedicated Co-Owners Sal + Caroline @ Perfect Potion
  • The products are completely Vegan
  • The company is waste-free and completely sustainable where possible, we ask for you help in this matter by recycling our cardboard packaging and taking care to properly dispose of your bottle when it is no longer needed by you
  • All bottles receive Reiki energy from the Reiki master Francesca. Energy will repeat as long as it is in contact with your body. (If you are aware of emotions shifting and changing while wearing the product, this may be the leading cause)
  • All blends are carefully researched and put together by Rachel, currently working towards a Certification in Aromatherapy
  • Individualise blends are created based on consultation with Francesca and Rachel, and put together for your unique needs, concerns and spiritual pursuits.

A word from the Co-Creative Director's themselves:

"We are both so grateful to have found and listened to a calling within both of us to work with the oils. It is our joy and pleasure to impart their healing and high-vibrational loving energy to the world. Thank you for being a part of our journey, we are grateful to each and every soul out their interested in spiritual healing for themselves and the good of the planet. Love and Blessings to all of you"

Love Francesca and Rachel xx