Glossary of Therapeutic Terms

Analgesic – reduces sensation of pain
Anti-biotic/Antibacterial – prevents bacterial growth.
Anti-fungal – prevents fungal growth
Anti-infections – prevents uptake of infection
Anti-parisitic – acts against insect parasites
Anti-putrescent – acts against putrification
Anti-sclerotic – prevents hardening of cells and tissues
Antiseptic – destroys microbes and prevents their growth
Anti-spasmotic – prevents or relieves spasms, convulsions or contractions.
Anti-sudorific – prevents sweating
Anti-tussive – prevents coughs
Antiviral – prevents viral growth
Balsamic – relieves sore throats, coughs etc
Calmative – sedative, calming agent
Carminative – relieves flatulence, easing abdominal pain and bloating
Cicatrisive – promotes the formation of scar tissue, thus healing
Cholagogue – promotes the evacuation of bile from the gall bladder.
Cytophylactic – promotes cell turnover, thus healing
Depurative – cleanser, detoxifier; purifies the blood and internal organs
Diuretic – promotes the removal of excess water from the body by urine
Emmenagogue – induces or regulates menstruation
Emollient – smoothes and softens the skin
Expectorant – promotes the removal from mucus to the body
Febrifuge – anti-febral agent, anti-fever
Galactagogue – induces the flow of milk
Haemostatic – stops bleeding
Hepatic – acts on the liver
Immuno-stimulant – stimulates the action of the immune system
Mucolytic – breaks down mucus
Nervine – acts on nerves; relieves nervous disorders
Pectoral – beneficial for diseases or conditions of the chest
Rubefacient – a counter-irritant, producing redness of the skin
Sedative – reduced mental excitement or physical activity
Soporific – induces, or tends to induce sleep
Stimulant – increases function all over the body
Stomachic – good for the stomach; gastric tonic, digestive aid
Tonic – invigorates, refreshes and restores body function
Vasoconstrictor – causes narrowing of the blood vessels and therefore a decrease in blood flow
Vasodialator – causes widening of the blood vessels and therefore an increase in blood flow
Vermigufe – expels intestinal worms
Vulnerary – heals wounds and sores by external application