Aromatherapy Garden

In our Aromatherapy Garden you will find descriptions of the therapeutic and energetic benefits of the 100% Certified Organic essential oils used in our necklaces.  
Please enjoy and if you have any questions about specific oils, don't hesitate to contact us:
Disclaimer: Oils can be used as energetic healers to promote emotional awareness and balance, release programs, limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns. Coupled with meditation, breathing exercises, yoga and focusing on your heart energy, we believe they are an excellent set of tools to work with. A beautiful and non-invasive way of enhancing your mood and general wellbeing.  Depending on your personal physical and energetic makeup, it is possible that some oils will resonate with you more than others. It is also possible that some oils will cause sensitivity. Please discontinue use if you notice any negative side effects.
Warmth & Love,
Rachel x
Creative Director of Clarified Designs


Atlas Cedarwood

The vibrations of Atlas Cedarwood help our inner intelligence cultivate balance, rebirth, regeneration and regrowth, while offering us healing, protection and purification. Taking the old and transforming it into the new, this oil will encourage you on your path, and assist you in making your dreams a reality. If it's important to align yourself with the Earth and walk in the footsteps of nourishing and protecting life, Atlas Cedarwood holds the wisdom of the spirit of the ancients and teaches us to hold fast to the earth. Wisdom won't be too far away when you work with this oil.

The grounded nature of this oil can steady our mind and help us block sudden events, negative emotions and people that may undermine our values and morals.

  • A study conducted shows that Atlas Cedarwood can help with hair falling out in patches
  • Encourages lymphatic drainage
  • Stimulates breakdown of accumulated fats
  • Treats cellulite and oedema
  • Can reduce stress, anxiety, and tension
  • Excellent at treating coughs and chronic bronchitis
  • Warming and harmonising
  • Lifegiving
  • Fortifies and strengthens the bodies Qi
  • Tonifies kidneys, spleen and pancreas
  • General lethargy, lower backache, poor concentration
  • Treats cold-damp with its decongesting properties


Basil assists our spirit in cultivation of cheerfulness, integrity and trust while gifting us with love protection and wealth. Basil is an oil filled with light and therefore it offers your inner intelligence the strength to illuminate you. The vibrational qualities of Basil bring awareness and understanding of situations, allowing one to harness their intuition. It provides mental clarity while awakening and uplifting the spirit. It attracts a sense of self-confidence; which encourages trust in oneself and success in both personal and business endeavours.

Basil has been used throughout history for success and abundance, as well as attracting love. Basil can create a harmonious atmosphere between two lovers. You can draw love and business to you by wearing Basil essential oil.

  • Assists with digestive disorders and can stimulate appetite
  • Provides mental clarity, boosts mental energy and stamina
  • Clear head, relieve intellectual fatigue
  • May assist with nervous disorders
  • Recommended if you need protection and feel vulnerable because your energy is low due to illness, weakness or nervous exhaustion
  • Recommended for people with "insomnia" who digest their thoughts and fears at night
  • Used for fever
  • Assists with delayed menstruation, scanty periods and abdominal cramps
  • Combined with black pepper, used to treat malarial fever
  • Warming, tonifies yang

Bergamot is said to lighten the shadows of the mind and bring joy and peace to the heart. It is good for releasing anxiety and lifting depressive moods – it is known as the most uplifting essential oil! It also encourages emotional balance and inner strength. If you give a lot of energy and love out to others, it allows you to direct that energy back to yourself. 

Black Pepper

The scent of Black Pepper, is not unlike the scent of dried black pepper, dry-woody and warm-spicy.

Black pepper offers our spirit comfort, endurance, flexibility and stamina while gifting us with fearlessness, motivation and strength. It would be difficult to ignore "getting on with it" when we have the vibrations of Black Pepper in our energy-field. Sometimes all we need is the strength and motivation to venture forth, and if you know what you want, and how to achieve your goal, then Black Pepper will certainly assist you with the drive and endurance you need to hold to your dreams and aspirations. Not only that, be Black Pepper will protect you through it's guidance.

Because Black Pepper can help you transmute "Fear" into "drive", you can use this oil to re-unite with parts of yourself that you may be fearful to address when you have neglected them for a long time (fallen into distraction from your true self and path)

  • Strengthens the head and nerves
  • May assist with sight
  • Eases tooth-ache
  • Assists Anemia by boosting the spleen to produce new blood cells
  • Treats disorders of the digestive system
  • As a massage oil, the warm properties of black-pepper will assist  with arthritis, stiff limbs, as well as muscular aches and pains
  • Expels wind and cold, particularly for the stomach and spleen because it is warming and drying
  • Employed to calm, warm and help with elimination
  • Assists "Vata // Kapha" types: if suffering for cold/pain in limbs, Black Pepper will warm you
  • Great for use in Winter if affected by the cold
  • Aids the Spleen which will result in better "blood production" if blood deficient. Asists loss of appetite and digestive issues

Clary Sage

Attracts self-love and balance to your aura. It protects against spells of melancholy, paranoia and stress, which can often be related to concerns around our purpose and path in this lifetime. It allows and encourages you to listen to your inner wisdom and the wisdom of the earth. It encourages you to live up to your full potential.


Used with intent and awareness, Cypress begins cultivating balance, inner peace, trust + wisdom, while offering comfort, healing and protection to us. It is an enticing and spicy scent that encourages communication and connection between the human spirit and the universe. This ability to connect the earthly and spiritual realms is the exact reason that Cypress is called upon to aid a passing soul transition into the next life, as well as detaching from earthly desires. Cypress is also called upon to help one grieving a loss, particularly over a loved one. It's smell gently encourages us to let go and surrender. Therefore, Cypress can find ways to open one up to their strength they are lost in self-doubt. Cypress holds knowledge in helping one in calling upon the wisdom of generations past to magically attract protective vibrations to their aura, allowing healing to take place. The power of Cypress is certainly enigmatic. It offers one the ability to ease sadness as well as aiding one to them stand up for themselves at the same time

Great for the following Zodiac signs: Leo


Frankincense is an oil to help you obtain spiritual heights and enlightenment. The vibrations of Frankincense can offer you inspiration and introspection. When Frankincense is active in a person’s auric field, it will provide protection, spirituality and luck. Frankincense is wise and will help you call upon universal knowledge. If you are a sensitive, or an empath, Frankincense will help to move and clear energies that may be causing you harm or fatigue. This help will enable you as an empath to keep your heart pure so your wisdom and understanding is not distorted by heavy or old energy. Drive out all negativity and sorrow with this amazing oil!


If you are indecisive, lacking direction or unsure of your place within this world invite the vibrations of Geranium into your heart. It provides you with assurance, balance and tranquillity. Used with great respect for many years, Geranium oil is said to comfort the inner child and therefore may assist you in dealing with emotional blockages from childhood. With a loving and open heart you are able to dispel any grief that still resides in your energy body. It irons out any irrationality and discontent, helping you be the balanced person you know is within. 

Juniper Berry 

Attracts energies associayed with enlightenment and inner healing. It is said to aid you in understanding why certain negative situations may trouble you. Allow a better communication with oneself allows a greater appreciation and love of our own personal boundaries and ideals. When we respect ourselves others follow suit. Allow Juniper Berry into your life when you need to heal yourself.


Lavender oil is said to bring a warming and protective love, alike to that of Mother Earth. It lifts the weight of sadness and depression to allow balance of your emotional psyche. It has been used for many years in love spells, believed to increase your love of yourself and therefore your inner power.

  • Has been shown to be successful at treating anxiety
  • Great for healing the skin from inflammation, particularly from burns
  • Beneficial for the relief of muscular aches and pains
  • Harmonising for the nervous system
  • Reduces stress
  • May act as a sedative or stimulant depending on your needs. Calming for anxiety, yet uplifting for depression
  • Assists with insomnia
  • Treatment of migraines and headaches
  • May relieve PMS and menstrual pain
  • Great for colds and flue, throat infections + bronchitis
  • The oil is cooling and therefore will clear heat
  • Resolves fever
  • Cools liver fire
  • Supports and stabilises the heart, calming the spirit and reducing irritability 
  • Supports the Qi of the heart making it great for insomnia, palpitations and nervous tension


Assists the spirit with awareness, clarity and rejuvenation, and is extremely purifying to the energy body. Known as a spiritual cleanser, Lemon can help you gain clarity and focus on your purpose. When we have accumulated to many "toxins" both in the physical and Etheric bodies, we can become slower, more sluggish, and negative. Use Lemon to regain your true awareness and centre yourself with the positivity it can uncover in your psyche.

Lemon can revitalize and purify your body mind and soul of all unwanted thoughts, feelings, emotions and toxins. Underneath these "blurry toxins" and "negativities" we are all calm, and have an inner guidance that will lead us to treat ourselves, and the planet correctly. This is why Lemon is great to use during your meditations, it can take you deeper while you remain pure.

  • Clears the mind
  • Assists fatigue
  • Detoxifies (therefore great for cellulite)
  • Aids the circulatory system
  • Treats cold + flu
  • Aids the immune system
  • Properties are cooling and drying, will therefore cleaer heat, dampness and phlegm accumulation
  • Tonifies the blood
  • Aids the Liver + Gallbladder (detoxifies, and aids the decision making process)

Not only can Lemon cleanse us, it can also purify crystals, environments and objects of all negativity.

Lemon may help with palpitations of the heart.

Do you know, a cheeky study conducted on Lemon in Japan, found that when you disperse Lemon in a room, typing errors are reduced by 54%, get on that Lemon for studying!

Lemon Myrtle

Lemon Myrtle oil attracts strong loving and protective vibrations to your aura. Its healing qualities are associated with past life sabotages. If you find yourself repeating the same mistakes in love, Lemon Myrtle gives assistance in moving forward and learning from the lessons you have encountered. Lemon Myrtle will aid you in understanding that this life is only one of many in your evolutionary process, and encourages us to transcend, rather than attach to the suffering we experience on earth.


Neroli essential oil attracts calming, peaceful and jovial vibrations to your aura, while gifting your with success and money. Neroli is a pure vibration that will light you up and lift you out of darkness and depression. Neroli can do this through helping you reach your "Higher self" or "Inner-intelligence" to rise you on your spiritual path.

Neroli has been used throughout history as a good luck charm for business endeavours as it helps you manifest success. It is also emotionally calming which is beneficial for any business where you need to keep a level head. The oil while relaxing, will stimulate you and help you face fear head on in a positive manner.

  • Reduce heart palpitations and hypertension
  • Great digestive and calming agent for babies when defused or placed in bath
  • Beneficial for the heart and it's rhythm 
  • Can assist with chronic diarrhoea
  • Is a sedative and antidepressant
  • May treat insomnia, anxiety and depression
  • Enhance lightness of being
  • Stabilises and regenerates your inner intelligence
  • Offers strength to endure psychological tension and exhaustion
  • Recommended if your emotional intensity causes you to be alarmed or easily agitated
  • Provides clarity, sensitivity, and space around mental and emotional noise
  • Enhances creativity
  • Clears heat
  • Calm and stabilises the heart, the seat of consciousness 
  • Beneficial for hot and agitated conditions of the heart such as: insomnia, restlessness, mania and palpitations

Energetically, Patchouli oil is powerful in creating a connection between us and the earth. It is said to aid one in letting go of actions, words, patterns and feelings that hold us back from reaching our true potential and happiness. It removes limitations we place upon ourselves. It has a grounding scent that aids anyone experiencing irritability which appears to be caused from the external, but really is caused within. Invite the vibrations of Patchouli into your heart to deeply connect with yourself, the planet and the sacredness of life.

  • Alleviates depression, anxiety and stress
  • Helps with excessive mental activity
  • Can aid you in getting in touch with your body and sensuality
  • Boosts confidence when troubled with self-doubt
  • Helps those on a spiritual path who neglect the "physical realm"
  • Is warm and sweet
  • Treats Qi Deficiency in spleen in pancreas
  • Will assist with Cold Condiditioons
  • Used to treat colds, headaches, nausea, vomitting, diarrhoea and abdominal pain


Pine essential oil is reputed to inspire a mindful attitude, humbleness and strong direction. It has been noted as a powerfully protective oil. It helps us to not ignore the true longing in our hearts, as to do so would be ignoring our true calling in life. Therefore is particularly beneficial for anyone wanting to make their passion their business.

Rose Absolute

Encourages unconditional love and understanding for yourself and those around you. An excellent oil for those who lack patience, Rose is said to open the heart chakra and increase your self confidence. By loving yourself fully, you are able to accept the love you deserve from others.

Australian Sandalwood 

A very grounding oil with an earthy undertone, it cools and balances you. Sandalwood also works well with the Central Nervous System in the body and is said to “have a relaxing effect on the nerves and may be used for hot, agitated emotional states that lead to conditions such as headaches, insomnia and nervous tension.” Sandalwood is an excellent oil for people who find themselves with a short temper, it grounds us and allows us to detach from negative thought patterns to be in the moment and accept situations as they are.

Sweet Marjoram

This oil gives us the drive and perseverance to continue with our goals and dreams; making them a reality. It aids people who expect too much of themselves in their professions and lessens the need for perfection. It also aids in mental clarification; which makes it easier to attack a heavy workload.

Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang helps to sustain calm, enthusiastic, and joyful vibrations, allow it’s scent to uplift you. Feel safe to express your love and positivity with Ylang Ylang, as it works to clear away your negativity and protect you in the process. Your tender heart will feel confident to emerge when Ylang Ylang soothes your troubled mind. This oil is perfect for those who have not forgiven themselves for past events, and it will allow you to find space in your big heart for yourself! Ylang Ylang has a distinctive sweet and feminine energy, let it soothe your frustrations, excite and stimulate your senses, while dispelling your jealousy.

Ylang Ylang expands and opens the heart chakra, allowing you to feel compassion, humility and love for yourself as well as others.


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