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Gemini is the 3rd zodiac sign and first air sign, represented by the twins. Gemini symbolises intelligence, quickness of thought and communication. Gemini represents the age period between 14-21, and incarnates to mature from adolescence into adulthood. Pivotal stages of their souls’ development include: social integration and independence from parental and societal authority. Although a Gemini loves the idea of their own individuality, they strive for personal freedom rather then rebellion. The energy of this element is attracted to exhilaration and change, just like adolescents are. Traveling, momentum, innovation, daring and fun drive our Gemini friends. This 3rd member of the zodiac can be seen as the evolutionary stage between Taurus and Cancer, transmuting static earthy and concrete vibrations into caring, compassionate and sensitive ones.

Mercury, whom is the swift ruler of Gemini, bestows them with abundant nervous energy to burn. Gemini’s could almost fly with the quick connection between their communication and mind. Symbolised by a speedy messenger of the gods, they encompass the change, liveliness and variety of life. Their Mercurial qualities have them attracted to stimulation, exhalation and thrills, and they must remain aware of their propensity to burn out from over-stimulation. Their addiction to change can also see them tired easily, especially when faced with projects. They should balance themselves to cultivate focus and direction rather than giving up too easily. Yet, we also want them to embrace their tendency towards non-attachment, which is important to their dynamic energy flow. They are curious, clever and talkative when they are in their element, however, they may be prone to over rationalisation of a topic, and can become scattered from expending too much “Vata” energy. Expenditure or build-up of too much Vata will result in nervousness, scattered thought, burnout and forgetfulness. Health wise, Gemini’s should watch for excess or depleted Vata, as their central nervous system can shut down. Gemini’s should also take extra care of their lungs, hands and shoulders.

Gemini encompasses the dual aspect of yin/yang, and within them are ‘twins’. With their dualistic nature they hold the capacity for adaptation and change. They are social creatures, gathering friends and information as they pass us all by in a wave of potential energy. People may accuse them of being fickle for this, instead we must enjoy the gift of the moving and changeable energies this sign gifts us with, as changing, adapting and growing is no sin at all. If Gemini’s are getting lost in changing moods or suffering through polar opposites in personality, they will find relief in balancing their internal twins.

The Gemini Blend encompasses the healing oils of Australian Sandalwood, Neroli, Bergamot, Roman Chamomile, Cypress and Atlas Cedarwood to assist you in moving through your incarnation as a Gemini.


This oil, with its earthy undertone, is grounding, cooling and balancing. It will calm your overactive nervous system and has a relaxing effect on your nerves. Sandalwood will be beneficial for the insomnia you encounter when you have a build-up of excess Vata/Air element.


This oil attracts calming, peaceful and jovial vibrations to your aura. It’s a pure vibration that will uplift your own quick vibration. This oil can help you to connect to your “higher-self” and “inner-intelligence”, having the affect of centering, balancing and connecting your internal twins. The oil is also great for reducing and clearing insomnia, restlessness, mania and palpitations experienced from your over-active mind. Neroli is also great for your digestive system, strength, clarity and lightness of being.


When your fast-talking energy is lighting up the room with your captivating consciousness, Bergamot offers you with uplifting liveliness. It will amplify your energy, joy, and make you as light as the air on which they desire to fly. As a Gemini, you may manifest as predominately Vata so your digestion can be temperamental and easily upset. Bergamot is known for relieving indigestion, especially nervous indigestion and loss of appetite, which can manifest when you burn through excess air/vata, ending up scattered, confused and with depleted energy. It is also an excellent oil for the nervous system, aiding you when dealing with nervousness and tension due to lack of balance.


Roman Chamomile is a master at harmonising and soothing the spirit. It is said to connect you with your inner child. It is this connection that will help you to balance your inner twins and conflicts, bringing the two into peace and harmony. It will also assist the Bergamot in this blend to relieve your nervous tension and aids you with falling asleep when your mind is running circles on you. Roman Chamomile will coax you into emotional stability. It is also for indigestion, which you may suffer from when becoming predominantly Vata. As Roman Chamomile resonates with the throat chakra it supports healthy and balanced communication, relieving the duality of your sign's characteristics.


Used with intent and awareness, Cypress will begin to cultivate balance and inner peace. It will strengthen an overburdened nervous system, restoring calm to you. Cypress will be beneficial in the periods of transition in your ever exciting and changing life. As you require new experiences, challenges and relationships to grow and feel fulfilled, Cypress can give you the nudge you need to move on from what no longer serves you.


As a Gemini, you are known for high vibrational and swift energy. In this blend we use Atlas Cedarwood to be the solid earth you need under your feet and will encourage balance and grounding. To support your quick mind, it is also imperative that you allow the space for inner-balance to occur so you don’t short circuit. Atlas Cedarwood will be that support, and will cultivate this important balance in your life, as well as regeneration and growth. Using this oil will keep you grounded when you are likely to soar so high that you would have too far to come plummeting back down.

Warmth & Love

Rachel x