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Leo’s are fiery passion ruled by our Sun. Not easy to change, fire loves to dance and burn brightly while others gaze upon it with awe. This is true for Leo’s who very much enjoy being the centre of attention while building their empire. However, more so than other fire-signs, Leo’s may quickly learn to keep their Fire/Pitta energy for themselves, which greatly aids them in cultivating self-awareness. The desire to be appreciated and respected for who they are and what they can do is common among Leo’s, this quality is bestowed upon them by our Sun. The Fire and Sun influence, generates ample heart energy in Leo’s, which can aid them in connecting to their true passions and desires more so than others. Being so connected to their heart, it is imperative that they listen to their inner intelligence and build something they can be proud of. They will get away with less than others when it comes to listening to their truth, and if Leo’s ignore or fail to generate this energy they can suffer from a lack of self-confidence and wither.

When Leo’s are in touch with their inner Fire/pitta energy they will be fearless, loyal and gifted with ample stamina to achieve their goals. When in good health and spirits, passionate Leo’s will choose to rule with fairness, fun and companionship. They love to surround themselves with stimulating and idealistic people, and will expect loyalty from their friends and family. They will reward these traits in people with generosity and kindness of heart. Leo’s are romantics and charmers, living from their heart they can shower you with praise and gifts. Sulky Leo’s only need genuine words of admiration from the heart to reanimate them. As these lions rule from their heart, and possess nobility, Leos are righteous and prefer to win fairly. Their fairness and courage centered attitude takes them far in achieving their goals.

Leo’s are born leaders in business, with inherent ambition and determination to succeed. Therefore, Leo’s need to be aware that their passion can be taken as “bossy” or “vain”. To avoid this, let your co-workers and friends share the limelight with you once in a while. Leo’s are often found as spokes persons, department heads or working in public relations and management. They also have a knack for helping others take a few risks and build their investments.

The Leo Blend encompasses the healing vibrations of Rose Absolute, Lavender, Lemon, Cypress, Frankincense and Geranium to assist with moving and evolving through your incarnation as a Leo.


Rose encourages and stirs heart energy, understanding for yourself and those around you. Rose is said to open the heart chakra and increase your self confidence. By loving yourself fully, you are able to accept the love you deserve from others. As confidence, purpose and passion are important to a Leo, we call upon the vibrations of Rose to ignite their fire and keep it burning evenly. Too much fire/pitta energy will result in burnout out or short-circuiting, where as too little will result in moping, depression or lack of self-belief. As Leo’s employ ample heart energy for their lifespan, their heart can be an area that easily fatigues, Rose essential oil is the remedy for this, having been used for reducing high blood pressure and arrhythmia of the heart. Rose is a Queen in the flower kingdom and what better way to assist a Leo in maintaining their royalty than to utilise its vibration.


Lavender oil is said to bring a warming and protective love, alike to that of Mother Earth. It lifts the weight of sadness and depression to allow balance of your emotional psyche. Lavender, like Rose, will also assist a Lion in keeping their heart strong and fierce. By keeping a Lion’s nervous system calm and harmonious, Lavender will assist a Lion with their charm and benevolence.


Lemon will assist a Lion’ spirit with gaining awareness, clarity and rejuvenation. Known as a spiritual cleanser, Lemon can help you gain clarity and focus on your purpose and passion. Lemon will assist you in uncovering your inner-clarity, which will in turn centre you with positivity. Lemon can revitalize and purify your body, mind, and soul of all unwanted thoughts, feelings, emotions and toxins, assisting you with remaining calm so you can hear your inner guidance. This will help you in becoming a leader with qualities humanity is thirsting for. Lemon may help you with palpitations of the heart generated by the accumulation of heat/pitta.


This oil is perfectly suited to assisting you with your benevolence and charm. Used with intent and awareness, Cypress begins cultivating balance, inner peace, trust + wisdom, while offering comfort, healing and protection to you. Cypress can find ways to open you up to your strength when you are lost in self-doubt. Cypress holds the knowledge required to help you call upon the wisdom of generations past, magically attracting protective vibrations to your aura, allowing healing to take place. The power of Cypress is certainly enigmatic, just like that of the Leo.


Frankincense is surely an essential oil of the highest order. This sacred oil will aid the Lion with their royalty, benevolence and charm. Frankincense is an oil to help you obtain your ultimate spiritual height and prestige. When Frankincense is active in your auric field, it will provide protection, spirituality and luck, a great help in assisting you in going after your heart’s desires.


In order for the Lion to charm those they seek to win over, they must be in touch with their inner benevolence and grace. When balanced, you will naturally exhibit all of those qualities. This is where the lovely Geranium comes in. Not only will Geranium free you from indecisiveness that leads to you lacking direction or losing confidence about your place in the world, it will also provide you with assurance, balance and tranquility. Used with great respect for many years, Geranium will assist you in dealing with any emotional blockages that keep your heart from truly flourishing. It will irons out any excess fire/pitta energy, irrationality, and discontent, helping you become the balanced person you know is within. 

Warmth & Love,

Rachel x