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The rhythm of Spring embodies movement and life. After the earth, plants and animals have been in conservation mode for months, Spring encompasses a warmth that stirs the soul, mind and body into action. Many find they start to have the physical energy to act on the ideas they had formulated during the colder months. The sustained mental state of Spring is assertiveness. The energy of the season moves with such force and intent that it’s not uncommon for many people to find they butt heads with one another, wether that is at work or home. Just like all those plants fighting for the best light and warmth to begin their own growth in the season, so too can people become more ego orientated during Spring. Keeping this in mind should result in self-awareness and a balance of productivity with better communication in relationships. If you are a person born in this season, you generally thrive in Spring. Spring babies are forever on the go, taking in all the beauty the world has to offer, while encouraging others to do the same. They are charismatic and driven individuals, always wanting to get a better result from a situation than the previous try.  It has been said that anyone, no matter which season they were born, will exhibit tendencies that align with each season as they change throughout the year; just like every other living thing on earth. The blend of essential oils we have chosen to reflect this season will provide mental clarity, transformative vibrations, a strong sense of self without over activating the ego and be both physically and emotionally energising.

Our Spirited in Spring aromatherapy necklace contains these Certified Organic Essential Oils:


Atlas Cedarwood


The vibrations of Cedarwood promote balance, rebirth, regeneration and regrowth. Taking the old and transforming it into the new. As the earth begins its growth cycle once more, it can be the perfect time of year to clear out any negativity or limiting emotional/thought patterns; making this essential oil perfect for the energy of spring. Attract healing, protection and purification with this oil as you make the necessary positive changes towards a more balanced and peaceful being.



Fisher-Rizzi states that lemongrass aids on our logical thinking and is good for use wherever clear, fresh thinking and good concentration is needed, making it an excellent essential oil for the busy season ahead. Lemongrass is also recommended as an excellent remedy for anyone who struggles getting things going in the morning. Lemongrass helps one to embrace the simplicity of forgiving both ourselves and others. It essentially helps us to actively forgive and forget, understanding the importance of remembering that positivity is a choice. Choices; one of the many gifts we were blessed with in this lifetime. It reminds us to take responsibility for all the choices we have made and that have subsequently lead us to where we are now, with a forgiving and understanding heart. Use this oil for times when your emotions are so deeply imbedded in your psyche that they are unshakeable; yet you so deeply desire to renew your outlook and positivity, allow this oil to help you heal yourself with self acceptance and love. Plus, no matter where you are in Australia, it's excellent at repelling those unwanted mosquitos that come along with the warmer seasons!



Bergamot is said to lighten the shadows of the mind and bring joy and peace to the heart. It is good for releasing anxiety and as the sustaining mentality of spring is assertiveness, it may aid in curbing otherwise forcefully direct communication. By encouraging positive thinking it can help balance out the more assertive emotional tendencies that can lead to being hot-headed or irrational about having things done "your way". It also encourages emotional balance and inner strength which will be helpful during hectic periods of growth in this progressive season. If you give a lot of energy and love out to others, Bergamot encourages you to direct that energy back to yourself. After all we can only give out when our own cups are full!



This oil is fantastic for clearing the mind and energy centres of the body and eliminating stagnant energy. If you find fogginess can dampen your spirit during your day, Lemon oil will remedy that detached feeling and help you feel more focused and able to complete important tasks. Energetically, Lemon clears the mind effectively and will aid in the decision making process without over stimulating the brain. It can be very calming for those who are emotionally overwrought. Worwood describes the Lemon personality as able to “sparkle and be full of life, with a very positive approach in the form of an unshakeable confidence in everything that they do.” Embrace the personality of this essential oil in each breath in and feel yourself radiating the same qualities outward.



The vibrational qualities of Eucalyptus encourage one to heal themselves by achieving emotional balance. It attracts centring energies into your life while encouraging you to concentrate on your passions and develop your own healing abilities. Davis describes Eucalyptus oil as “a fragrance of newness and renewal, it is recommended for those seeking new horizons.” Its aroma is noted for dispelling melancholy, reviving the spirits and restoring a positive outlook towards life. Therapeutically, Eucalyptus promotes the uptake of oxygen by red blood cells in the body and therefore an increase in physicality and energy which is perfect for spring. Energetically it aids people who feel emotionally hemmed in by their environments and due to habit or excessive caution they never take the physical steps necessary to achieve the life they desire. Allow Eucalyptus to disperse the fear that is inhibiting you from making important changes, aligning with the spirit of spring this oil has been utilised in this blend to aid you in achieving all that you can this Spring!


Clary Sage

Attracts self-love and balance to your aura. It protects against spells of melancholy, paranoia and stress, which can often be related to concerns around our purpose and path in this lifetime. It has grounding vibrations and encourages you to listen to your inner wisdom and the wisdom of the earth. If you hear nature calling you, Spring is the perfect time to get out there and spend some one-on-one time with the forrest. Clary sage has been noted to encourage deep inner peace and tranquility, it encourages you to live up to your full potential. Particularly if you have artistic tendencies or wants, Clary Sage is a well reputed source of creative intuition and inspiration for artists all over the world.


Warmth & Love,

Rachel x