Aligning with Adele (

Alignment: "The act of aligning or state of being aligned; especially : the proper positioning or state"

When one embarks on a spiritual journey to find their purpose, path, or truth, "alignment" is a phenomenon that may be experienced. From the very small things that seem to fall into place, to the connections we make + the support and love we receive.

To us at Clarified, experiencing alignment as part of your reality is a bonefied sign that you are opening up to your authentic self, and progressing forward on the path that comes from within.

Adele is pillar of compassion, productivity, life, passion enthusiasm and fierceness. Her message is simple, eat yummy healthy cruelty-free food (see some recipes here). Adele also helps women all over the world achieve glowing skin through food (see her Academy here).

When Francesca first met Adele in early 2014, there was an instant connection in regards to a passion for food, healing the body and Ancient Chinese Medicine. 

 Adele enjoying her bespoke blend <3

Adele is often spotted enjoying her Bespoke blend, and we couldn't be happier for the way she enjoys and carries her vibrational healer with her everywhere. Adele has described that she is "obsessed with her blend", that she wishes she could "sleep in it", as well as mentioning that the smell we intuitively put together for her was so close to her heart, just like home.

Recently Adele has brought out her "Cruelty-Free Christmas Gift Recommendations" where she had featured our Potions, check it out here by clicking the image below :)

Love Francesca + Rachel xx