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Winter is Coming

Winter is a time for seeking a comforting, warming and positive environment. Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches us the importance of living in harmony with the seasons so we may create a better balance between our bodies and the external environment. These modifications can include physical aspects such as diet and exercise, but also includes support and inner positivity of our emotions and spiritual needs. As it’s no secret that TCM encompasses a holistic outlook, it brings us to examine the fundamental internal and external changes we can make to aid us in getting the most out of ourselves in each season. In TCM they believe that the diet and activities in winter should be adapted to enriching yin and subduing...

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Insight into Aries

The baby of the Zodiac is a fire sign; one who represent the beginning of all things. Ruled by Mars, Aries are fiery, dynamic and headstrong. It is not often they will be unsure of their opinion. After all, the phrase of Aries astrological sign is; I AM. As such, many Aries men and women pride themselves on being just as they are. They can tend to take offense when they are over-analysed, misunderstood or mistaken for what they are not. They will often have a small group of very close friends who encourage them to be their passionate selves and pursue their interests with them. That is not to say that an Aries doesn’t have many friends, as their...

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